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The Best or Nothing at ALL.
The Best or Nothing at ALL.

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At Leela Chennai 

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Torrents sharing sites banned. Are we becoming a Firewalled country

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The amazing movie "Mission to Mars" released in 2000. A Classic Movie for anyone who likes Science Fiction with the Most Unique Ending in Motion Pictures.

part 1 - Mission to Mars Ending pt1

part 2 - Mission to Mars Ending pt2

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the Downfall of a company

Am waiting impatiently for Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich" which should bring more functionality to my Samsung Galaxy S2.
Hope Samsung India releases the update fast.
Can't wait for 19 OCT 2011 to see Ice Cream Sandwich in action.

Microsoft gives away 5000 tablets running upcoming Windows 8 to developers at the conference yesterday...doing exactly the same thing that Google did at the Google I/O conference a few months back where they announced Android Ice Cream Sandwich.
Guess what - both were Samsung Branded Tablets.

Now we must wait to see what Apple pulls off since Samsung also manufactures for Apple.....
Who is "slavishly copying" whom?
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