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Fabian Topfstedt
If Google was my Mom, my name would be 103684307474639480135
If Google was my Mom, my name would be 103684307474639480135

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Fabian Topfstedt war mit 2 Personen in einem Hangout. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Wolfgang Gumpelmaier und Anja C. Wagner

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Watching the  #EuroPython  YouTube livestream at What a bummer that YouTube live is not available in Germany and Austria, I've heard there are some interesting conferences as well that I'd might like to follow live at home.

Google is selling the 7 inch Android tablet Nexus7 for 199 USDollars. Not an iPad-, but a Kindle Fire killer. #io

Google Groups shows the date of enrolement of group members in a very unconventional way: It shows just the century. The year is formatted with two digits, the first ones: 2012 -> 20.  #googlegroups   #bug  

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Fabian Topfstedt war mit einer Person in einem Hangout. #hangoutsonairWolfgang Gumpelmaier

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Google TV Office Hours recording is on YouTube. People were watching it live (Hangouts on Air) and joined in the current conversation. We all need Hangouts on Air!
The +Google TV Weekly Hangout recording is now live. Check it out below.

+Naoki Shibata I just discovered a problem with SSRC 1.30 and huge wave files: It quits after the resulting file has a size of ~1GB but jumps to a progress of 100% and returns an exit code 0 (no error).

Here's the command, executed on a 32 bit linux box:
ssrc --bits 16 --rate 44100 --twopass --dither 2 --normalize in.wav out.wav

Do you have any ideas how to fix this? And if you're not working on it anymore, can you add a warning to your page?

Best regards,

+Jonathan Beri We just experienced a Hangout server reboot - Is there any health dashboard concerning Hangouts?

If anyone is interested in taking part in our Google Apps Script hackthon, you need to hurry, but you can still make it. #gtugvienna #metalab #vienna
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