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Maria Laura Bargas

I would like to create a book that contains my kids' poems. I would
call it Poetry by Kids. #ELTEbookEVO

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I would choose a kind of licence that can be modified, but above all, it has educational purposes.
Using a Creative Commons Licence is good to make my kids aware that even on the Internet, we have to do the right thing, and also to have a deeper feeling of ownsership for what was achieved.

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3-2-1 ...

Hi everyone! I'm writing from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I teach English as a second language to 11-12 year-old kids. I have no idea about Mineccraft, I've only heard that it's being highly used in Education so I'm eager to learn how to incroporate it in order to enhance my teaching practices.
Looking forward to getting started!

Hi everyone! I'm writing a bit late from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I teach English at a bilingual school, and I'm really interested in learning about creating digital material. I also love to make global connections and make learning meaningful to my kids.
Thanks for offering this session!

Hi everyone! I teach English as a second language in Argentina to 11-12 year-old kids. I'm looking forward to incorporating new tools to my lessons.

Hi everyone! Is there any class in Europe, Asia or Africa interested in a Google Mystery Hangout with a Year 5 or Year 6 class in Argentina?

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If you are interested in participating in mystery hangouts or content related hangouts please add your information to the attached map.  Simply drop a pin on your location and add your contact information!
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Is there any classroom willing to have a Google Hangout with a Year 6 class in Argentina? We would love to connect with a country from Europe or Africa or Asia . If you can make it work, let me know. Thanks!

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