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Sarah Shumway
I am a Midwesterner living on the East Coast, a Mormon girl at a Jesuit institution, and an American who loves British literature.
I am a Midwesterner living on the East Coast, a Mormon girl at a Jesuit institution, and an American who loves British literature.

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Oracles, worship, and the ease of idolatry: reflections at the Oracle of Delphi
To trust your most important, soul-wrenching, urgent questions to a woman who is chewing on laurel leaves and breathing vapors from a fissure in the earth sounds unquestionably bizarre, if not risky. Yet, several thousand years ago, the ancients were willin...

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Laughs and lessons learned from visa denial
Unsurprisingly, being denied a visa twice in two weeks provided plenty of fertile ground for me to contemplate the privilege of belonging to and being a temporary visitor in a foreign nation--and how others would love to enjoy this privilege that I have pre...

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What relationship does the Relief Society have with building Zion?
Back in June, I was called to be the first counselor in our Relief Society Organization with my local congregation. The Relief Society is the largest women's organization in the world and seeks to provide spiritual and physical relief to its members and the...

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Exploring history from the opponent's view: the CuChi tunnels
The CuChi tunnels As one can see from my previous post, I am very interested in examining how nations confront and retell their past. In light of this topic, one of our most interesting experiences occurred when visiting the CuChi tunnels. The CuChi tunnels...

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In Memoriam to Lives Lost: Visiting S-21
                                                                   Mugshots of prisoner children in S-21 who were killed in S-21.    Last week, I returned from an incredible trip to Vietnam and Cambodia with my family. The trip was special for many reasons:...

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The World Is Wide Enough: the message of "Hamilton" is more relevant than ever
The past few weeks, I have been living in the 18th-century with my non-stop listening to "Hamilton": a musical by Lin Manuel-Miranda that retells the life of Alexander Hamilton (the first Secretary of the Treasury) with a delightful assortment of rap, hip h...

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Making sense of "Suffragette" as a 21st century woman
Until last night, I had always envisioned the suffragette movement as organized marches, conventions, and disseminating numerous pamphlets. However, after watching "Suffragette" Friday night, I was introduced to a more violent movement than I had ever dream...

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Examining the relationship between the temple and Garden of Eden
Last Sunday, I was fortunate to be a part of an eye-opening discussion, where we examined the Garden of Eden and its relationship to our modern-day temple. I had been looking forward to this discussion for a while, particularly because a friend had asked me...

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No Man is an Island: Lessons Learned in the Land of Fire and Ice
As many of you may know, our family went to Iceland for two full weeks this summer. It was an amazing trip for multiple reasons: we were all together after two years enjoying 22 hours of daylight, hiking, fishing, and losing count of all the waterfalls we s...

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Charleston: A Violation of Sacred Space
I was not alive during the Civil Rights movement. But if I talked to someone who grew up then, it would be unnerving to realize how disturbingly similar our living experiences are. We could talk about conflicts that arise simply because that blacks can occu...
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