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Internet Marketers On Learning SEO and the Future of SEO Education

Last week, Bruce Clay, Inc. hosted #SEOChat on Twitter and the topic of discussion was SEO Education. Seasoned Internet marketers candidly revealed how they went about learning SEO, sharing tales of internships, books, training courses, conferences and more.

Discover how several SEO managers, senior SEOs and content marketers learned SEO as they answered questions on:
• Learning SEO
• The value of formal training
• The desire to learn SEO
• First steps in SEO
• SEO conferences
• Real-world SEO lessons
• Becoming a professional SEO
• Advice for getting started in SEO
• Continuing SEO education
• The future of SEO education

Thank you to everyone who participated in the chat, including: +Matthew Young, +Jeff Carpenter, +Jason White, +Mindy Weinstein, +Carolyn Shelby, +Lance Moore, +Tony Dimmock, +Trey Copeland, +John Alexander, +Alyssa Chester, +Caitlin Boroden, +Paula Allen, +Scott Cowley, +Kristi Kellogg, +Chris Bawden, +Niki Payne and +Dionne N. Walker.

Read their insights here on our blog post recapping last week's #SEOChat:
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