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Lala Mamedov
Lifetime learner - on a knowledge journey...
Lifetime learner - on a knowledge journey...

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Would love a copy!

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Looks like a very helpful little gadget for changing lenses - check it it at kickstarter.

My goal for photography this year: find my unique voice.

#gpluspc #smugmug #smugmugcontest

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The Photo Cascadia team is holding its annual gathering on the Oregon coast this weekend. By chance it lined up with the total lunar eclipse this morning. Unfortunately we had 100% cloud cover this morning, so I don't have any new eclipse images to share. Instead I'll share this image I took of the total lunar eclipse I photographed in 2007 in the Siskiyou Mountains. If you are interested in how I created this composite of the entire 6 hour eclipse you can read this blog that I wrote on the Photo Cascadia blog a while back.

This image was a winner in the Nature's Best Photography awards and is featured in the 2012 Nature's Best Calendar. Did anyone out there get photos of this year's eclipse? I know +Gary Randall did.

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Lunar Eclipse - December 10, 2011

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this killed me!

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You are viewing my first and second generation Landscape Photography Automatons.

Once my masterplan reaches fruition I will be able to operate these two remotely via iPhone while bathing in showers of passive licencing income from their endeavours in the field.

I must admit that, after more than 6 years of work, development has been somewhat slower than anticipated.

Cashflow from the project has been showing robust and consistent 'negative growth', they are very susceptible to viruses and both units still emanate a persistent whine during daylight hours. The whine becomes unbearable whenever the automatons encounter cauliflower.

I began planning this project while still in my teenage years. At that time I intended to go global - I dreamed of developing a unit or two on every continent. My wife and business partner has promoted and enacted a strictly local strategy. That certainly appears to have been a smart business decision and has been great for my environment.

The little guys are pretty easy to maintain - they respond well to love and bribes of candy encrusted foodstuffs.

I have no plans to sell them ever but I freely offer them to grandparents for extended loan periods free of charge. (I know, I know, I am a great guy).

Does anyone else have a similar technology under development? If so, please share this post freely - +Robert Scoble just may be able to secure us some venture capital ;-)

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How I post photos in G+ - Tips! (Most common question I still get!)

I'll describe how I took this photo of the guest cottage at Hearst Cottage below the answer to this question I still get several times per day! :)

So, how do I post photos that:
1) Do not get a double-entry, so they appear twice in my stream?
2) They appear in an album of my naming rather than the messy default "Posts" album?

My method is not super-intuitive, otherwise I think everyone would do it. Note that there is no "right" way to post photos to Google+, but, obviously this is the method I prefer. Also, personally, I'd prefer it if YOU do this too, so that it makes it easier for me (and others!) to look through your photos.

Sometimes I visit photographers on Google+, I click on Photos, then I see they have a few albums, but there are only 2-4 photos inside the album. And then, I look in the messy "posts" album, and there are a ton. But they are often intermixed with silly photos, charts, the animated gifs, or whatever... it's not really a clean way for me (or anyone else) to view your favorite shots.

Now, I don't really care how you organize your albums... that is personal taste. Obviously, I use one HUGE album with everything in it. It's my opinion that people don't like changing albums. If they are in one album and enjoying themselves, they keep clicking Next next next next, and once they reach the end, they will leave your albums altogether. They are not likely to step back a level and look through another album.

Anyway, here is how I post photos:
1) I click on the Photos Icon above (the 2nd icon to the right of the Google+ logo)
2) I choose "add to existing album" -- I have that already set up
3) I upload my photo.
4) Under the photo, I add my info: "from Trey Ratcliff at - all images Creative Commons Noncommercial"
5) I click Add Photo
6) I add a comment (like this long one) above the photo, then click Share

The Guest Cottage at Hearst Castle

After exploring the main castle, I went out to the guest cottages for the sunset. Normally, when I take my HDR photos, I go from +2 to -2. That works for 95% of situations. In these edge-cases when shooting into the sun, I go from +3 to -3. Frankly, I don't even need that +3, but the -3 comes in handy to get all the finer points in the sky that you can actually see while there on the scene.
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