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I want to oil you up.
According to The Metro, this 1939 Vincent could make £280000. What a beautiful piece of engineering. Classic porn as they say. 20120423-103322.jpg. Share this: Facebook · Digg · Reddit · StumbleUpon. ...
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Have to be a bike technician to maintain it.
Black Shadow?
They recently (a few years ago) brought out a new issue of it.
Giant speedo and all.
I couldn't tell you David. Modern bikes are more my area of knowledge, but I appreciate the craftsmanship of these old lovelies. At least these have accessible mechanical parts, albeit specialist orders these days (or make it yourself if you have the kit and experience). Modern bikes have so many electronics on them, you need PhD in shuttle maintenance to work on them. :)
Yes, they don't want you to fix them.
They want you to buy entire new engines/modules.
Like everything it's a money game and we are the resource.
+David Crosswell I think there's an element of that, but it's also that it's cheaper and easier to mass produce stuff if it's modularised.
+David Crosswell Which is in many ways a good thing. We all whine when local dealers go out of business and they're no one to sell us bikes.