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Re-share if you were on Google+ before it became public and you want people to know about it.
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It seems that I've struck a chord with this post. I'm glad it's mad a few people giggle.
I thought the same thing when I saw that earlier post in the What's Hot list.
Doug W.
I could say the same thing about google wave, oh wait..
Well, you made it to the Top 8 on What's Hot!
lolzz i just remove That from whats Hot cos i dont wanna ban from G+..I love G+ very Much
I'm a big fan of G+. This post is just a bit of a chuckle at the expense of a few users. I hope they take it in the spirit it's intended. :)
That's not a huge accomplishment.

I have Google Wave. Lawlz, top that...
Who cares! So was I, very underwhelming right? I bet you own Howard the Duck on blu ray too...
I think one or two people may have missed the irony in my post. Either that or they are fighting back with irony so subtle, that it's almost invisible.
I joined G+ at the beginning of July, bow down to me Oz
YEP! and so was everyone else who is still here... the others have come and gone... most of them anyway.
Hey Oz, that's nothing, my friend was an employee of the week at FlipBurger! He even got a diploma!!! Beat that!
+Vince P DeMaar Then your friend is truly worthy of worship. Put down a mat before you venerate them on your knees, as scuffed knees can be uncomfortable for some time.
lol what is this? and can't help to re-share
Lul hipster much? "I was into Google+ back when it was underground, man! Before they went public, man!"
Wait, does this make me a hipster or just a huge nerd?
itt: people who arrived during the open trial.
Someone ought to create a shirt for that, then add "...and all I got was this lousy t-shirt". LOL
My Ego cannot be represented by a mere image.... I would need a gallery.. :)
yes but have you got google music???
Oh, and I was on the Internet before it was developed...
You all are joking about ego, but the fact is - ego is not that bad, even a self-centric ego can be useful sometimes, without it, a person wouldn't learn anything. Egocentrism is also useful to filter those who has it in excessive amounts. It is like a personal development gauge, easy to spot and quite easy to predict.
yeah well i was queueing to get an iphone before the telephone had even been invented. I also invented geek points. That's how cool i am. Life completed and put on god mode just for more lols
I was on GoogIe+ before it became commercial. Wait, that was myspace. Well I was on Google+ before it was a money mining pit. Wait, that was facebook. Crap, guess I was on Google+ before people bragged about being on Google+ then
I wuz, but I won't. My ego is so huge, I don't want anybody to think its that big.
This Stuff sux. My Gmail chat and view was working fine till this vapor ware came out. Did you test this Dog Poop B4 you threw it out there? No wonder you don't work for Apple.
I was offered the chance from a friend or something like that. Don't remember the exact hows and whys-all I remember is at the time I was just getting away from MySpace, trying to cull the trash from my FaceBook, and I've STILL not figured out what a Twitter is. So no, I was not. I became active on here after I saw the Muppets promoting "Hangouts." It looked a good tool for my band, and, probably more importantly, for my music students!
Yes, and sometimes I wonder if people who were here before it was public are all that are left here. :-\
"I hated Zoidberg before it was cool"(c) :3
Did you guys hear that all the hipsters in Hawaii died?

They all got into lava before it was cool.

I wondered where are the 40+ million users, now I don't anymore ....
Haha, you are a true trend setter, and props to you for taking the initiative to explain to everyone, your superiority. Cheers mate.
Haha...the good, the bad , and the smart...Let's enjoy it.
resharing this is like saying im a retard
So was I... don't start dumb chains. They made it to facebook. Let's have a clean G+.
Another fell victim to the Social Network crapology =;-> its for everyone duh...
Was on G+ before it was even released as invite. Bow down hipsters.
So was I. Still no one using G+
Kate, if you or anyone else thinks this won't end up very much like FB before it's all over, you are sadly mistaken. And Oz, I appreciate the irony and think it's funny. :-)
You forgot the checklist for the subsequent posters to tick off explaining WHY they were on it so soon. It would have the nice obvious ones like "I work for google", "I was developing it" and "My mummy is a google employee", but also would have the more commonly perceived (outside the PC in the real world where rednecks, sports stars and bogans rule) as stereotypically appropriate "I am a virgin with no life", "I live in my mummies basement" and "I just happened to have a random invite through my pre-existing GMail account and am actually no more important to G+ than your Aunty Berril who thinks google is a brand of fizzy drink" :) hehehe any other suggestions for the list?

Apart from that though, your post brought a giggle from me.
I was on Google+ before it was public and all I got was a darn PNG graphic!
Thanks for all the shares. I'm glad it tickled your sense of humour.
yep and you also were first in the womb of your mother before you were public :)
I was on before it went public. I still put one shoe on at a time. Still have to eat, and still break wind.
I was also on Google+ before it became public, but I've had greater accomplishments than that. LOL
I was on G+ before it became public, and I still don't know why.....
+Sec Mazec That's a bit harsh. I'm sure that they don't ALL think that you're a retard.
Please dont add more idiocy, it's enough already...

Talking about your huge ego, even as a joke, still makes you a douchebag
+Sec Mazec Detecting irony isn't your strong point, is it? I was actually lampooning all those who do claim to be great. 
The important thing about irony is, that it is usually not understood or taken by everyone. So talking about your big ego in this case makes you a douchebag for many people. That's why I said I think resharing this is like saying "you're" (I have to say you, so you don't say something infantile again about me) a retard.
+Sec Mazec 1) To randomly call people you don't know a 'douchebag' marks you out as an imbecile.
2) You said you were a retard, not me. As I said, I think that was a little harsh, but far be it from me to argue with you.
"resharing this is like saying im a retard" did I say I'm a retard, but you said you are sure not all think im a retard, I find it very offensive, and you mark me imbecile now... i didnt call you a douchebag, i said what i think makes you douchebag and i doubt you can argue with any argument i say, you just twist every post and try to be smartass... now I think youre an idiot, youve proved it perfectly

if you cant take a negative critic without namecalling then dont post at all
+Sec Mazec Who can stand before the onslaught of your wit and rhetoric?
+Robert Best He's a not a very good troll. Maybe he needs to spend more time under bridges, eating passing strangers?
+Robert Best I feel an 'occupy' movement coming on. We need to demand a comprehensive trolling syllabus in schools and colleges now!
I'm surprised people are still sharing this. It just seems to keep going.