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Michelle Smith
I am an XM Investigator. One that will not let anything hold them back. I am Resistance, and always will be.
I am an XM Investigator. One that will not let anything hold them back. I am Resistance, and always will be.

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Hello, Agents.
It sure has been a while since I've been on here. And well, now I'm back. And ready to get back to it.

After many long months, I'm here, and back into the investigation.
For those with questions, ask. I'll answer.
Investigation requests, I'll see what I can dig up.
For those who want to assist, let me know.

In the coming days I'll share something a fellow investigator mentioned to me a few days ago.

Its good to be back...

The upcoming 'Epiphany Night' Anomaly raises many questions.

1. Why?

2. What are the risks?

Yes, I do agree that further research would be good... But recreating such event... would be disasterous. Though, such event in a controlled area, could prove interesting.

We learned what happened with Lynton-Wolfes Power Cube experiment. And further research, could be good or bad.

Though, only time will tell.

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A classified conversation between Hank Johnson and Akira Tsukasa reveals details about 'The Osiris Sequence' -- a bridge into a new universe made possible by Ingress Prime, and how our own universe may have discovered the mysteries of XM in the first place.

Agents in the 'Osiris Universe' will be able to relive and change important Anomalies of the past and their outcomes, and define the ultimate future of that universe.


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My heartiest congrats to the Resistance. In particular, the efficacy of their Global Operations (capturing 3 of the 4 Global Operations, and contributing 15 of a 20 point winning delta) was commendable.

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With the Resistance in the lead, much depends on the 26 Link Operations, the Shard Operation in Fukuoka and the Portal Capture Operations around the globe this coming weekend.

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My congratulations to the the Resistance... their performance on Day 3 of the Dark XM Threat and Response Operation was powerful...
Dark XM Threat Response: Day 3
Dark XM Threat Response: Day 3

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A message from the Acolyte via the Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs: What threats do artificially intelligent systems pose? Among many others, "the highly effective, highly scalable manipulation of human behavior that AI enables, and its malicious…

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As promised earlier, here is further Operation Intel related to the upcoming Dark XM counterpattern operation -- using Flash Shards across a 2 hour window -- that will take place in Fukuoka, Japan on April 7th.

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I've been able to obtain this Anomaly Intel related to TS-DARZALAS -- in particular a localized Dark XM threat and Shard based CounterResponse operation in Fukuoka, Japan on April 7th, 2018.

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A map... A redacted document... A fragment of obsidian. Who sent this mysterious package to Ishira the Glyph Hunter, and why? And what will it lead to... A new mystery is unfolding: TS-MORPHEUS -- the god of dreams...
God of Dreams
God of Dreams
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