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Podcasting, Writing, Gardening, Dreaming, Housework Avoiding Mom of Three...wwheeeee!
Podcasting, Writing, Gardening, Dreaming, Housework Avoiding Mom of Three...wwheeeee!


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Forgive me, Plussers, for I have neglected you. It's been almost 3 months since my last post, I couldn't verbalize why I avoided you (and  a lot of other things) until very recently. I wrote about it in a column I have in The Kansas City Star and I think I should share it here, too. 

Writing this was easy, editing it was a bitch and filing it with my editor almost made me puke- but I thought it was important to share along with the stories I usually write about which are light, slice of family life type pieces.

I'm doing better, much better than when I wrote this which was a lot better than I had been feeling for the past few months. 
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For Father's Day: There is a thread that connects the men I love and apparently it's made of fishing line.

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Whoa. I really love the people who think to organize all this stuff. Alone each post is meaningful, but together it makes such a powerful statement. Thanks +JD Thomas !
Check out the thousands and thousands of photos shared via the ‪#‎YesAllWomen‬ hashtag in chronological order. 

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I'm still a year out from waving as my daughter cruises by as part of the senior parade through our small town...but I stood outside and waved as a lot of her friends drove past this year. Their parents were all asking the same rhetorical question,"where did time go?" 

This is what I would tell myself. 

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What +Sallie Alys Montuori said, how has this only been viewed 17K times?
This video has been on YouTube for more than a month already!  Why has it only been viewed 17,869 times?!?!?

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Oh my goodness! She's so close!!
5 people donating $25 apiece gets us to $4500. 20 more to hit $5000.

25 people. $25.

Or 13 people, $50.

This is so reachable now I can barely sit still. ::wriggle::

(I'm strongly considering adding an audio recording of Spaced to the ALL THE THINGS stretch goal >.>)

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Mother's Day is rapidly approaching. I usually view it as a nice day that will never live up to any expectations that I could generate so I don't. I try to roll with whatever happens knowing that I am loved. (The party led by the man who gave me a box of single serve coffee creamers for my birthday this year- in a flavor I really don't like but at least it was better than the year he gave me Clorox Wipes.) (Yes, he did.) (No, it wasn't a joke, he thought it was something I would use.) (Yes, that was the only gift.) (Really, not a joke.)

Anyway- this is my offering for this Mother's Day. I'm the worse judge of my writing but I've been told it's powerful. Whatever that means. I think it means it's good.

Happy Mother's Day to all who mother. 

Today is my birthday. I don't say this to garner more greetings (which I adore, not gonna lie- thank you for all the ones that weren't prompted!) but because I think that there are two kinds of people in this world: birthday celebrators and non-birthday celebrators. I fall into the former category, although neither is wrong. It's who we are.

And that's why I think birthdays should be celebrated- because of who we are. One day to be selfish and self-centered and have cake and champagne and acknowledge the years that we have been us. 1:365/366 

So in that vein, I share this. Earlier this year my podcast partner and I were interviewed for a series of biographies for this network. There are five up now, more are coming- if you are really curious I'll share the other titles. Normally I am just a face on g+, and not even a full face at that. But today I post my face and voice and one of the aspects of my life that makes me me and gets me up in the morning. Dead women. No, wait, that sounds wrong. You know what I mean.

Happy Saturday. Hello February. Happy birthday to my twin brother DJ.

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Last week, as the story about what happened in Maryville, MO (link to original news article in attached post) broke I was getting ready to travel the 90 minutes from my home to Maryville to watch my teen son play football. I was a wreck.

What I managed to see as lessons after my brain intervened on the outrage.

 You may not live near Maryville, but if you are a parent it hits very close to home.

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Happy Monday! Labor Day that means I'm laboring. Big lunch with the fam, high school football game with the middle son later...laundry and drudgery dotted throughout. But the people around me are content, the weather is (unusually) stunning and I have high hopes for this week.

I hope that your week opens with as much beauty and promise as mine and as this flower.

Which is kind of a corny thing to say but, so be it.
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