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a philanthropic research & design lab for community-based innovation and social entrepreneurship
a philanthropic research & design lab for community-based innovation and social entrepreneurship

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+HuffPost Religion has the story - and videos - on our Faith +Giving Tuesday+SocialGood summit.

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Did you miss today's +Berman Jewish Policy Archive @ NYU Wagner webinar with Steven M. Cohen and +Shawn Landres? Watch the recording here!
The contemporary Jewish philanthropic system is confronting some of its greatest challenges since its formation more than a century ago. Today’s conventional wisdom tells us that Jewish giving is declining, whether to Israel, Federations, or other important causes; that fewer Jews—especially those under 40—are giving to Jewish organizations; that the philanthropic threads that have sustained the community are unraveling; and that the Jewish communal system no longer leads the way in defining global or even American philanthropic and nonprofit innovation as a whole.  To explore and respond to these challenges, Jumpstart's Connected to Give series offers the first ever nationally representative portrait of the charitable behaviors of American Jews, focused on specific data about:
·       Where American Jews give
·       Why they give
·       Demographics and giving behaviors
·       How their giving compares to that by other Americans
·       How they talk about and make decisions about giving—especially through giving circles
As the Connected to Give series continues to unfold - with at least two more reports due out before the summer - what policy tools does it suggest we harness to energize our community’s base of supporters—at all giving levels—to give more to Jewish causes and/or to be guided by Jewish values in their giving? Join BJPA Director and Connected to Give senior researcher Professor Steven M. Cohen in conversation with Jumpstart CEO & Research Director Dr. Shawn Landres for a no-holds-barred exploration of what Connected to Give might tell us about the future of Jewish philanthropy and Jewish community.


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Thank you for joining us - stay tuned for more Faith +Giving Tuesday events....
#hangoutsonairRabbi Dan Ain, Hussein Rashid, Hope Ward, and Shawn Landres

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