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If you live in Denver/surrounding areas or Northern Colorado and would like to be part of my Yoga For Stress Reduction practice group, check out my latest blog post below.

My classes are open to both men and women and all religious, political and lifestyle beliefs. Maybe you’ve never done yoga before or you have a regular practice, either way, you'll receive useful resources to calm your central nervous system.

Let me know if you're interested, email

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Some really nice and recent testimonials from my 'Overcome Your Craving Brain' coaching program.

"Jolene's support and ability to identify the resources you need to 'dislodge' stuck patterns is incredible. She is a wealth of knowledge and generously imparts personal experience, empathy, mentorship and a solid pillar of strength to pull you through the sludgy mental mud when you need it." ~SH, Perth, Australia

"Getting emotional and practical support from Jolene has meant I can tackle this with someone who understands, does not judge me and who is always at the other end of a Skype call or an email to help me." ~JD, Coventry, United Kingdom

"Jolene helped me understand so much about my brain, my body’s response to alcohol and real life practical strategies to help me recover. I no longer feel ashamed, I feel affirmed."~JB, Atlanta, Georgia

For more info on my coaching services, click the link below.

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On the eve of the 2016 American Presidential Election. One day after the time change and the holiday season is right around the corner; I wrote down some stress reduction ideas and reminders.

There are a lot of links below. I hope you’ll click on them, but if you only click on one, click on #19, it’s good, especially when you want to change your state of being and feel better now.

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I was on the HOME podcast last week and wanted to share the interview with you. I told my drinking story publicly for the first time with Holly Whitaker and Laura McKowen. I wasn't easy, but I'm glad I did. I've been overwhelmed and surprised with how many people have emailed, commented and reached out to say they identify with my story. I thought I'd share in case you relate and also in case you're interested in some of the research and resources that we talked about for anxiety, stress regulation, brain chemistry, functional nutrition etc.

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For #Stoptober2016 I'm running a 30% off special on my "Overcome Your Craving Brain" coaching packages.

Info in the link below. 

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A guest blog post I wrote about the neurobiology of "why it's so hard to stop drinking."

Four things no one tells you about your craving brain.

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New Healthy Discoveries consulting program

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N O U R I S H - The Healthy Discoveries Manifesto.

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Have you ever said, “I’ll start again tomorrow.”

I’ll drink less.

I can cut back on the sugar.

I’ll eliminate the caffeine.

But then the next day you hear that voice in your head again:
“Don’t deprive yourself. You deserve it. After all, it’s been a looong day.”

It might be time to rewire your brain chemistry.

Introducing Overcome Your Craving Brain consulting with Healthy Discoveries.

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Everything we talk about in corporate wellness - higher productivity, better relationships, financial fitness, optimizing your health and happiness, eating better, improved sleep, sticking to healthy habits, exercise routines. The list goes on and on.

But the thing we ignore and skip over is alcohol! It's a reality of the business world and there is a direct link to alcohol and ALL the wellness categories above. It's a taboo subject, I know. But I believe it's where the next big wellness trend is headed.

I'm not talking about late stage, stereotypical, rock bottom "alcoholic", I'm talking 3, 4 or more drinks on a frequent basis. This is NOT about telling you to stop forever, or suggesting 4+ drinks (the definition of binge drinking) is a problem for you, but for those who silently beat themselves up or regret how much they drink on a regular basis, just know that adding fitness, mindfulness and healthy lifestyle choices into your day instead of alcohol is actually a hip, growing trend.

One Year No Beer (website) These UK, London based business guys have created a great resource. Check 'em out.

This Naked Mind (book) Is a wonderful book to help break the cognitive dissonance around WHY you think you drink. Does alcohol really help you to relax, be happy, have more fun? I cannot recommend this book highly enough to explore this question for yourself.

James Swanwick (video) An Australian leading the way with one of the first 30 day alcohol free public health challenges.
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