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Inspiring a Music Revolution
Theo Wanne is the eminent world expert on the design and manufacturing of saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces.   His company’s status as the world’s leader in both quality and innovation is the culmination of many years of study and passion in this and other fields.

As a child, Theo designed and built custom professional bicycle frames by hand. Over a ten year period he became a very skilled craftsman in ergonomic design, specialty materials, and manufacturing techniques. During this time Theo studied the saxophone intensely.

As a music-major in college, Theo’s passion was to create the most beautiful sounds possible through his music.   As vintage instruments are known for their beautiful tone quality, Theo played on, and sold, vintage saxophones during that time to finance his schooling.   Theo soon became an expert in the field, even taking up professional instrument repair in Philadelphia, USA, where he was a professional instrument repairman for several years.

During that time, Theo realized that significantly more than the saxophone, it was the mouthpiece that affected ones sound most.   Theo spent his life savings on every vintage saxophone mouthpiece he could find. He bought thousands of mouthpieces, studying every one. He spent countless hours figuring out why each mouthpiece sounded its particular way. He then validated his findings by duplicating each mouthpiece’s design in another mouthpiece until the two mouthpieces sounded identical. This was done to prove to himself that he indeed understood what made each mouthpiece sound the way it did. He made charts of the various facing curves, chamber sizes, floor and side-wall shapes, documenting the effects each variable had on sound.

Eventually Theo opened his first company, Saxophone Mouthpiece Heaven, where he sold vintage mouthpieces, saxophones, and his custom modified mouthpieces, to the world.   He shared many of his charts and information on his website, which quickly became the world best resource site for saxophone mouthpiece knowledge.   Much of that knowledge still exists today on his current website:

With many of the top saxophonists in the world as customers, Theo had an amazing opportunity to learn just what the musicians of today are looking for. Musicians would tell Theo their dream sound, and he would customize mouthpieces for them as they watched.   He was never satisfied until he heard his customers test play the mouthpiece he had been working on, and he saw glow of joy on their faces telling him their dream sound had become reality.  

Over time Theo found patterns in what musicians wanted and subsequently created custom models by hand. His business became so popular, though, that soon he had a two year backlog of work and needed to turn away the majority of musicians seeking his help.

In order to provide his quality mouthpieces to all the musicians seeking them, Theo turned his full attention to manufacturing his most popular designs.   He started a new corporation with his brother Tom, who has an undergraduate degree in physics and computer science, and a Masters degree in business.  Together they run the corporation called Wanne, Inc. also known simply as Theo Wanne.

Since Theo’s world renowned reputation has always been to create the highest quality mouthpieces in the world, he has pushing the boundaries of technology within his new manufacturing company.  They have five patents and many more in process. Theo Wanne utilizes some of the most advanced computer aided software and machinery on the planet.

The entire Theo Wanne team is now dedicated to making the world highest quality, best sounding, and most innovative saxophones, saxophone mouthpieces, and clarinet mouthpieces, in history.  This passion comes from knowing how much easier it is access and express the deepest and most magical parts of ourselves when playing on truly quality equipment. It is Theo’s passion for every musician to know and express their inner magic through music.