The following is a press statement that has been approved by the studio involved in contract negotiations:

Update: Wanted to share with you exciting news about The Wheel of Time. Legal issues have been resolved. The Wheel of Time will become a cutting edge TV series! I couldn’t be more pleased. Look for the official announcement coming soon from a major studio —Harriet 
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Congrats! Looking forward to the future! Onward! 
Awesome!!! Congratulations, Harriet!!
<uncontrollable excitement>!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing!!! Literally can't wait to see it adapted for TV! :D Congratulations to all involved! :D
Red Eagle Entertainment isn't involved? 
NOW I'm really excited!
Susan Faw
have to be at least 14 seasons, right?
Hopefully it gets the same treatment as ASOIF and not sword of truth 
Good news.. but please don't let MTV have it. HBO or Netflix if you want to do it proper.
WOOT WOOT!!!  Great news and can't wait to hear which network signed it and when to expect the first episode/season!
As long as Red Eagle and their horrible ad spot isn't
It is joyeous that the legal issues are dealt with, but this is just amazing. We are so blessed by this!

please god tell me its not by the same people that did that travesty of Winter dragon
Yea!!!! My hopes are high for the series please do it right!!
And you told us not to expect anything too exciting! :D Thank you, you just made my week. Good luck with the series!
Hot damn! For the love of the Dragon don't pull a Seeker of Truth and actually stick as close to the source material as possible.
Can we bring back Billy Zane? I still feel bad that he was scammed into that last debacle...
Thank you Harriet and Team Jordan! Congratulations to all involved!
This is great.  If Harriet is excited them I am sure it will be good.
Just don't let that douche bag Billy Zane have a part in the series. Gag! 
Please let it be Netflix!
Time to update my resume.  I WILL be working on this production.  This is my dream.  
Let's hope this won't end whith a shitty adaptation as for Shannara...
So pleased should be amazimg. Any chance I can play Lan?
Hmm as long as it doesn't go down the trash tv route like GoT. Netflix is a good shout. 
That's awesome!! Been looking forward to this for 20 years. 
yeay, I got goosebumps, so can't wait!!
If done like Game of Thrones, then Awesome!! If done like Legend of the Seeker, then please don't waste our time.
and while we know there are no beginnings in the wheel of time....THIS IS A BEGINNING !!!!
I wonder who will be writing the adaptation. They got some challenging work ahead! 
A "major studio" - SOUNDS PROMISING! 
Nick B
Rad! Can we star in it?!?!
Please tell me it's not still with Red Lion. I have no faith in them after the stunt they pulled last year.
We have been waiting so long for this, a few more years and the epic story will finally be imortalized on screen. 
I agree Red Lion can sit on the sidelines ... wonder if we could talk J.J. Abrams into doing it ... 
This is exciting. I hope it's a big studio with a lot of money. Don't want it to be cheap.
İf you spend money,TWOT would destroy GoT 
Please don't let this become a half-assed version. Seeker of the Truth and Shannara both flopped! We need a studio that's going to invest the time and money to make this the block buster series it can be!
Are REE in or out??? Simple question, please answer.

I'm assuming there still in and this is just another one of there deals like they did with Universal. Which means this will be a trainwreck!
nig a
If ree are any part of it, then count me out of watching it. The "pilot" was horrible and I have no faith in there ability's to produce anything that is true to the books
Please, please. please follow the story!
I am worried that it will not stay true to the story and they will rush it.
+Talip Eksi
It all depends on what people are into really. I personally think that Game of Thrones is now losing its foothold due to the writers wanting to do their own thing. It's become somewhat lazy. I don't want to see that happen here. 
Let's hope not. Game of Thrones is weak compared to The Wheel Of Time possibilities. 
+Rand Althor
Game of Thrones would be doing so much better than it is right now if the writers weren't so arrogant in trying to make the author's story their own. It's one of the things that I worry about now when it comes to adaptations. 
Please make sure that they take theyrd time with the show the book series is breath taking itd be a shame if the didnt give it the respect it deserves
This is great news!!  But i hope there are literally at least 14 seasons!
I'm not sure how I feel about this. Part of me is thrilled at the prospect... another part is terrified that it will turn out to be like The Shannara Chronicles! 
please dont do to it what they did to the legend of the seeker series do the books  do not make up things
I know i'm just one spoke in the great wheel. But please if you let a studio use this great story of your husband's making please make sure you have your hands and that of those you trust in the making of the show. I don't want what happened to Terry Goodkind's books happen to your husband's. Not sure if you have ever met Terry Goodkind but if you ever ask him about "Legend of the Seeker" he will tell you how much of a disappointment that show was. Please don't let those money hungry studios out there screw you over and through you screw us the fans over. Anyways on a more positive note. Loved the books and loved all the hard work you and your husband did to bring those books to life. 
Woohoo! About time! Thank you oh so very much!
It's been said but I'll say it again. PLEASE, don't let them abuse and distort, this amazing story. This would seriously break your entire fan base's heart. 
If that terrible ashcan copy of a pilot is anything to judge by, I hope they do a proper job this time.
This makes me unspeakably happy. 
I was close to Rand's age when I started Reading these. Now, I'll be Close to Tam's age while watching! Very excited to hear that this is moving forward. Hopefully, it won't take until I'm Loial's age before it actually comes to fruition...
I am soo excited for this, plz let it be done right! I have been a long tie fan of this series, was even in a fan film based off of one of the books. Please tell me Red Eagle isn't handling this the POS they put out was just that a POS and I would be so depressed if this series isn't done right.
The Chronicles of Shanara have done a pretty decent job of making a large volume book series into a coherent TV show. 
I don't know if this is going to translate so well. After seeing Shannara, I feel like the best way to go about this would be to create an animated series. How do you represent the fight between Nynaeve and Morgana at the end of The Shadow Rising, or Perrin's epic battles jumping through Tel'aran' rhiod and dueling with the Slayer in live action? The special effects would be outrageous, and skimping on them would rob the whole thing of emotional impact.

And then like...what does another man holding saidin even look like? How do you portray something through visual media that isn't perceived visually? Some of the scenes were so epic because they engaged us on a metaphysical level. I'd be curious to see some people's ideas for how it would all work out on the small screen.

Please don't make this another D&D. We need high production value (or animated as many have suggested).
Also, let's leave the nudity to the imagination. 
Please PLease PLEASE stay true to the source material. dont pull a GoTon us.
I hope it does justice to the book, not like The Legend Of The Seeker did to the Sword of Truth books
no Bily Zane please.Ishmael doesnt smile
this is incredible news. I'm from turkey and i have eagerly awaited this news. :) :)
There are 13 sizeable books. I highly doubt they are going to be able to stay true to the books. Just too much content
I discovered the Wheel of time recently and I love it!!Please make a good tv series, please!!
I cannot believe something I've been waiting for over half my life for will FINALLY become a thing!! I'm so excited, I will have to re read this series for the third time! :D
Game of Thrones has shown that fantasy can be done right. Stay true to the books and show it happening again.

Please don't do what Legend of the Seeker did and try and make your own story, or do it in the cheap Hurcules and Xena type show.
If you need the perfect Min, I am available. Please?! Right age, actually look a bit like how Min is described, and my ass looks amazing in leggings.
Great news but please retain the same editorial rights you did with the books or the series will be destroyed by screen writers and studios with no respect for the books or the narrative.
This has to be the best news ever. Well certainly since The Gathering Storm came out. Oh, I am so excited. This will be Tivoed and never deleted. As long as it sticks pretty much to the book.
Polishes off the ol' Heron
Better not be another Winter Dragon
Chuck J
As a TV series, this could take DECADES to tell the whole story!  Looking forward to watching.  The special effects alone will be spectacular.
Another excuse for a reread!
Now that that's set up, all we need is new tabletop RPG!
Great news! I highly anticipate the many hours of braid-tugging. :)
Please please please let this be HBO or Netflix.  We don't need something on the level of the Dungeons and Dragons movie.  This series will be awesome if done right, and can be easily screwed up if not given the proper budget, writing talent, and acting talent.
This might be a long shot, but is there anyway you can keep us posted on what studio is doing it, and casting calls? I would love to get involved with bringing this story to the big screen. 
Teh BuG
Please get a good company doing this and keep creative control, we don't need another red eagle entertainment fiasco. Also, I'm hoping for a netflix distribution. 
By the Light, and my hope of salvation and rebirth, I swear I will watch every episode of this series.
Thank Gods Harriet will have her hand on this - hopefully it will follow the book exactly!!!!
Also also: Can I nominate Loreena McKennitt to do soundtrack work? 
I so much wish I could plat the part of Perrin.

Dave VW
I'm so pumped! As long as Red Eagle is no longer permitted to taint the series with their filthy touch
I don't know how her English is, but looks wise Sila Çetindag would be a perfect Faile.
The Sword of Truth was poised to be an epic TV series and then they tried to cram 13 books into 3 seasons, all out of order and fucked that up.  Not holding my breath here.
I would like to add my congratulation and best wishes toward a successful adaption.  Speaking from the shoes of one who works in this business, I’d like to offer some encouragement for you and/or your publishers to secure the best, brightest and most tenacious entertainment lawyers you can find.  The entertainment business cares nothing for “The Wheel of Time” (TWOT) and will do their very best to steal the property from you.  You will need a strong legal team to keep the studio or production company lawyers at bay.  Ideally, see if you can find the lawyers Marvel used to use before being acquired by Disney.  They were always p-i-t-a’s to deal with but they never left a dime on the table.  

In addition, may I also suggest hiring Brandon Sanderson as the creative director/writer?  His work to complete the series was masterful, his own body of work is some of the best I’ve read, and you will need someone who can not only do justice to TWOT but will work to preserve those elements of the novels that made them so fun much to read.  In other words, all great series will suffer from the Hollywood treatment.  It’s only a question of what degree.  See for example, the “Dune” and “Master and Commander” movies.  Bottom line – hire really good lawyers, don’t be afraid to fire them if you think they are not up to the task, and hire equally good accountants to audit the books of the studio or production company.  I have seen a lot of creative accounting and poor legal services in the 15 years I've been working in this industry.  I wish you the very best of luck as you head down this road. 

P.S. Perhaps Brandon Sanderson could be tempted to write a further sequel as to what happens to Rand after he jumps on that horse and rides out of camp…
YES! YES! YES! This makes me so happy!!!!!
I wish I knew where to audition for a role! Anybody know? Any leads as to which studio has the rights?
+Ben Callihan If The Expanse is any indication, I think SyFy could actually do a decent job of it. 
+Matt Uebel ASoIaF's TV adaption very quickly went downhill.
It needs to be its own thing, both to distance itself from ASoIaF and to suceed in being an adaptation of TWoT (which I sat down to reread after I heard this).

+Ben Callihan SyFy's adaptations and own shows are either truly truly excellent or truly truly attrocious.
If they're given (let's say) all ten seasons. That's the problem. The scope of the show is going to have to be immense or it will necessarily fail.
This is amazing! Super excited to see what comes of it. 
Exciting! But please don't let this be an MTV show. We don't want WOT butchered like they've done Shannara.
It's my time of revenge from who give game of thrones spoilers.
if this will be done, first time I see Nynaeve on screen I'm gonna cry I'm sure
finally!!! thanx god, thanx harriet, thanx studio (doesn't matter which is)
Awesome.. @manubennett for the role of Lan.
Finally I hope some justice will be done to this incredibly original and wonderful and epic masterpiece ! Just keep an eye on them and dont let them mess it please Mrs. Harriet !
What wonderful news! An exciting journey has begun. Something worthy of a gleeman's tale and no doubt as challenging as climbing Dragonmount. 
Can't wait to see, yet i dread that the Forsaken will find a way to ruin 
HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLYYYYYY SH***!! FINALLY!! This is unbelievable! Congratulations!!! I CANT WAIT FOR THIS! God damn, I've NEVER been happier in my WHOLE life about any franchise getting TV series.. Wheel of Time - ON TV. Wow. Re-reading everything right now.
+Rågnärr Loðbrók i know. I only hope Harriet can exercise sufficent control to reduce "dramatic license" . Rather no series than the possibility of a travesty than will ruin my reading pleasure
+Luci Virgo I just pray to God they don't ruin the series or go the way GoT went, straying far away from the book series.. WoT is the best epic-fantasy franchise I've ever read, I'd like to keep it that way on screen too
I believe they will have at least 10 years to think about that ending if they continue filming :D 
Neither the name of the show (It will most probably be Wheel of Time :D) nor the studio has been announced yet. I check it everyday but no news so far ^^
How did I hear about this so late!? I neeeeeeed to be involved!! Gawyn is my spirit animal!
sssshhhhhhh! Besides I'll play Padan Fain's shoes if I have to
Spoiler alert!!! Read at your own risk if you haven't finished Dragon reborn :P!!!!!

Eww... Gawyn is fine :D I would like to play Be'lal. "Take the sword Lews Therin!"
Moiraine steps inside
Read this series every year for 5 years since 3rd grade. Every time I read it I notice something that I hadn't before or I think of something in a different way. Honestly I can't wait for the Tv series and anything even somewhat related.

By the Mat is the best character.

Also if you really like The Wheel of Time Series then you may also be interested to know that the Eragon series will soon have a 5 book.
Also going away from fantasy books I recommend
The Destroyermen series
Clive Cusslers books
Bartimaeus Trilogy
If anyone wants book suggestions I have plenty if you need some
Please have a better editor (read ANY) than the books. I'm not ready for 25 television seasons of Wheel of Time.
Knowing that Brandon Sanderson has been saying for quite some time that TWoT series would adapt well for television, this is extremely exciting news! I know it will have the appeal and following that GoT does now. Congratulations on working through the preliminaries, Harriet!
Yeah, can we get some new updates?
PLEASE!!! We need some news! Any updates?
Anyone heard anything about casting? Doubtful it would happen, but I'd love to be involved in some way in this gigantic undertaking.
Blood and Bloody Ashes its about damn time

I have been checkin everyday since this came out for any updates, this anouncment better happen soon or ima die
Has there been any more headway in a studio picking up the material?

Like others I've been big fan of the series since late 90s, was one of my first big forays into fantasy and I've never looked back.

Much love from seattle 
Sorry, folks, we would love to be able to tell you more about the announcement Harriet made in April, but according to the terms of the contract, we can't say anything more about it. Presumably the next statement will come from the studio. We share your frustration.
Is it weird that I want to work on this? To contribute, somehow? But yay, super excited. 
Is there any information about auditions for roles and such? I'm sure a bunch of us would love for the opportunity to play some of our favorite characters.

^ Even if we can't act I'm sure some of us have skills we can offer. 
I hope it is HBO or Showtime, they both are top notch. Also, make sure you all re-read the series in full before first season ever hits... I don't want the magic of my mindseye ruined just yet, but at same time, I want this... blasted!
I surely hope that the FX attempt does not hurt the adaptation in any way. It was really cheesy! I am only on book 2 and I can tell that this series will more than measure up to GoT.
Jim N
Vin Kelsier - Agreed. HBO, Showtime both produce excellent shows. But Stars and Netflix have both produced some really good stuff as well.

Ok! May be you can tell us when we will have more information about it? What date. Thank you in advance :)
GREAT need to see this onHBO!!!!

+David Blackwell Regarding your earlier advice, I really think you should send Harriet an email about this directly if this has such importance.
Jim N
I doubt you will see this on HBO. While they always do a great job on the shows they produce, I think they are going to stick everything they can into the Game of Thrones series. When that is done I would expect them to do a Prequil to the show.

If I had to guess this will be a Netflix or possibly a STARZ network possibly a Showtime production.
Dying for any news on this! Has anyone heard anything small I may have missed? 😬
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