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Weekly Creations
documenting a new creation each week - please share your most recent creation so others dropping by can be inspired by your creativity. :)
documenting a new creation each week - please share your most recent creation so others dropping by can be inspired by your creativity. :)

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Here's a new song I just wrote some verses for last week after having the chorus reside in the back of my mind for a few years.

I love the version with the band, and will post it when we record it. But for now, here's an acoustic version. :)

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Week 17: Tutorial – How To Set Up A WordPress Website From Scratch

Here's a tutorial I recorded quickly for a friend about 4 months ago with the intention of also adding it to the Weekly Creations site. Hopefully it'll be of greater use here than it was merely taking up space on my hard drive!

In this tutorial I show you how to install and set up your own webhost and WordPress website from scratch using Bluehost - (affiliate link)

Hope you enjoy!

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Week 16: Tutorial – How To Make Sound Absorption Acoustical Panels

Well, it's been a long time and I let this slide, but I've finally posted my tutorial for how to build sound absorption acoustical panels! I did a video tutorial as well as text and pictures, providing links to the necessary tools and materials. Hope some of you make use of it. Cheers!

P.S. It's good to be putting time into this Weekly Creations project again. I have a few more things ready to post, so it's time to get back on the ball with this. Anyway, check out the tutorial! :)

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Week 15: Jigs For Mass Production and Why You Should Not Fear Competition

I know, we’re actually at week 19 of 2012, and it’s been about a month since I’ve posted. But I didn't want to skip any weeks permanently, so I'll catch up from here. :)

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Week 14: Sound Absorption Panels Business

Who’d have thought that after years of focusing on making a living from making noise, I’d end up making some extra money from reducing noise too!

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Week 13: DIY Guitar Repair

After some inspiring sounding guitar work by Glenn Leybourne in the studio last week, I decided it's long past time I repaired my old guitar! I fixed the internal bracing, cleaned everything (fret board is spotless), lowered the bridge, repaired frets and tightened everything up. Here's what I did, and how I did it!

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Week 12: DIY Studio Sound Absorption Panels

Sound absorption panels drastically improve the sound quality of any studio or home theater. These panels usually cost between $60 - $200 per 2' x 4' panel. I built mine for under $20 a piece!

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Week 11: Bob Marley Cable Caddy

Simple, but awesome! Not sure who thought of it first, but I'm glad to be using this idea in my studio. :)

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Week 10:

Inity Pirates is a site based on “permissive piracy”. It’s permissive because, well, the artists said it’s okay. But it’s piracy ’cause free, full, high quality mp3s of entire albums that are for sale elsewhere is as good as robbery!

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Week 9: “Good Vibes” – Acoustic

I did an acoustic version of an older song of mine called Good Vibes for this week's creation. I know this is less of a creation and really more specifically a performance, but I had to whip this up last minute because the latest projects I'm working on just aren't quite ready to post yet. Next week...

Until then, here's some Good Vibes!
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