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Benjamin Mangold
Speaker, Author, Blogger, Fitness-Lover
Speaker, Author, Blogger, Fitness-Lover

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Google Data Studio is the perfect tool for creating stunning dashboards and reports using Google Analytics data (and more). Join me and learn how to create reports using Google Data Studio –

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Tweaks to the Google Analytics interface are rolling out!

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9 ways you can use Google Analytics to improve your content marketing:

#1 Spend your energy on analysis, not reporting
#2 Understand important terminology from your reports
#3 Use the Behavior Reports for quick insights
#4 Understand your content themes with Content Grouping
#5 Looking at social interactions with your content
#6 Measuring your internal website promotions
#7 Align your content marketing to goals / objectives
#8 Assign dollar value to your goals
#9 Decide what content you should create next

Get the full tips at

#GoogleAnalytics #ContentMarketing

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Wishing all my amazing Google–plus–er friends all the best for the holidays!

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Here are 11 tips for reporting on the performance of your SEO (and content optimization) efforts — — what are your favorite SEO reports?

My post covers these tips:

1. Not provided custom report
2. Segments
3. Acquisition reports
4. Pages report (and landing pages report)
5. Referrals report
6. Duplicate page titles
7. Search Console reports
8. Site Speed reports
9. Geographic report
10. Site Search report
11. Bounce rate

#GoogleAnalytics #SEO

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Have you seen a spike of spam inside Google Analytics? Here's my 15 minute guide to clean up your data:

And here's a quick summary of the tips:

#1 Only include traffic to your own domains
#2 Review your inbound traffic sources
#3 Remove fake language codes
#4 Enable bot filtering for your reporting view

Read the full post at


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You can import your advertising cost data into Google Analytics for quicker insights into your campaigns. Here's a quick summary of the steps:

1. Use campaign tags
2. Download your data
3. Setup Google Analytics
4. Format your data
5. Upload your data

Read the full step-by-step guide at

And if you're looking to automate data import into +Google Analytics you can check out +OWOX BI ( and +Supermetrics Ltd Uploader (

#GoogleAnalytics #Marketing

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Why assigning goal value is so important (and so difficult)

"...even if you’re not actually collecting payments online, it’s still really, really important to assign a value to each and every goal you configure."

My latest post on assigning goal value in +Google Analytics also covers Page Value, a metric I absolutely love. It allows you to understand the value of your individual pieces of content.

#GoogleAnalytics #Conversions

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9 things you need to know about tracking social media with Google Analytics...

And here's a quick summary of what's in my post:

1. How social media is automatically tracked by Google Analytics
2. How to correctly track your paid social campaigns
3. Best practice for campaign tagged URLs for your social ads
4. Comparing your organic (free) and paid social media efforts
5. Using the social reports inside Google Analytics
6. How to track social sharing widgets embedded on your website
7. Tracking ‘dark social’ sharing (people sharing your URLs)
8. The importance of using in-built analytics from social networks
9. Getting quick insights from click analytics

Get all the details at

#GoogleAnalytics #Social #TrackingSocial

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A new, improved Google Analytics interface is coming soon. What's changing...

1. Streamlined navigation for reports
2. Customizations available in the main menu
3. Simplified switching between reporting views
4. You'll see the last view that you were on when you login
5. Default date range will be adjustable
6. Intelligence Events will be replaced by Automated Insights
7. In-Page Analytics will require the use of the Chrome Extension

View all the details at

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