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Kai Saffron

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Wishing +Elektra Kosh Edwards a quick happy birthday while I try to get a hundred things done on a public WiFi...
Happy Birthday Elektra Kosh Edwards
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Thank you, +Kai Saffron! I knew you wouldn't forget. :)
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Somehow I don't think Christianity and the crucifixion story means what they think it means...

Full article (and yes, these fools use real nails):

#Easter    #Crucifixion    #Blasphemy    #TooSoon  
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Suddenly the Renaissance Fairs and Civil War re-enactments look a lot less foolish...
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Kai Saffron

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Public Library is about to close.
Electricity at home shut off again.
Picked up some more work, starting tomorrow, and I estimate I should have the power back on by the end of this month.
Someone will have to replace me for DJing on May 1st though.
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Needed an ignition key cylinder in a parking lot.  Locksmith $203.  Insurance $145 -  they do not pay for key.
  Key = $55.  
Same key, same guy at his place is less than $5.
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Kai Saffron

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Old Random Riot flyer I thought was lost-  stumbled upon it again on the internets.
Everything you need to know about the U.S.'s priorities in one surreal photo.
Wall Street's balls must  be served and protected! 
(original photo attribution unknown)

#DJ   #DJing   #DJk00k   #Occupy   #OccupyWallStreet  
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Kai Saffron

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h//t +Tihomir Šarčević 
(I was the 666th re-share)
4.04 Day Not Found ;)
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+Kai Saffron 666? damn!!!! :)
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My favorite new Easter song.
Yee haw, y'all!

We've been dating since high school we never once left this town
We use to go out on the weekends and we'd drink 'til we drowned
But now she's acting funny and I don't understand
I think that she's found her some other man
She left me for Jesus and that just ain't fair
She says that He's perfect, how could I compare?
She says I should find Him and I'll know peace at last
If I ever find Jesus, I'm kicking His ass

She showed me a picture all I could do was stare
At that freak in His sandals with His long pretty hair
They must think that I'm stupid or I don't have a clue
I'll bet He's a commie or even worse yet a Jew
(repeat chorus)
She's given up whiskey and ah taking up wine
While she prays for His troubles, she's forgot about mine
I'm a gonna get even, I can't handle the shame
Why last time we made love she even called out his name
(repeat chorus)
It coulda been Carlos or even Billy Ortez
But if I ever find Jesus
He's gonna wish He was dead, Amen

Written by Brian Keene and Hayes Carll
(It turns out Dirk shared this last year too.  
R.I.P., Dirk...)
#Easter   #ICantCompeteWithThoseAbs     #Blasphemy     
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This is hilarious!
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A mere two blocks away from us here at the ProPaganDada Due HQ (about a minute and a half walk) is one Charlottesville's larger and nicer public parks: the Meade Ave. Park... where this was happening today as I was making one of my daily shortcuts.
#GoOutsideAndPlay #BlueRidgeOutdoorsMagazine
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Life continues here without electricity at the Paper Street Soap Company...

#ChuckPalahniuk   #FightClub  
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We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances, we guard you while you sleep. Do not fuck with us.
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Kai Saffron

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I just witnessed a good Samaritan hold open a door for a stranger who just breezed right through the doorway, not averting his gaze from his smartyphone screen for a millisecond or acknowledging his fellow human being in any way.
Please- for the love of common decency, people- don't be like the second douchenugget.

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At least where I am, some people acknowledge the person who is doing a good deed.  :)
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