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Comics are Cool!
We want to show that Comics are Cool! These series of events will bring the sexy back to the comic community & creators, starting with Malaysia! :)
We want to show that Comics are Cool! These series of events will bring the sexy back to the comic community & creators, starting with Malaysia! :)

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An all new Comics are Cool! event,
Borders The Curve, May 11th and 12th, 2-6pm!
Come and get your books signed, enter contests, oh so mannyyyyy things!!! 

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:) Superman & his Lois Lane. in dance. Keone Madrid - "LOIS LANE" +Keone Madrid 

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Name: Draw Night/TDC Twtup
Date: March 31st 2012
Time: 8pm (or 7:30pm)
Location: Earth638 (Kelana Mall)

Come join this epic 1 of a kind #twtup where you can draw, mingle withcreative artists, and get your picture taken. Bring your artwork to besubmitted for the #mgccon2012 - Zicco Tees Design Challenge on the spot! RSVP-

Earth638 (comic shop over in Kelana mall) is having classes: comic drawing classes for beginners beginning April 2012..The class will be led by Muhamad Azhar Abdullah, the artist for Pendekar Melayu Terakhir, the winner of multiply Anugerah Pekomik in 2009..
Here is the outline of how the class will be held,

Earth 638 How to Draw Comic Class
Beginner class Outline
Contact Hours: 1 hour
Total Learning Hours: 14 hours. One Hour per week.
Status: Beginner Level
Effective Date:
Class Tutor: Muhamad Azhar Abdullah

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to:
1. Demonstrate knowledge of human body and its structure by drawing the basic anatomy.
2. Draw human figure correctly by understanding of relationships of normal proportional human body parts in simple stylize comic drawing.
3. Express gesture, movement and fun of comic drawing.
4. Simplify, exaggerate or distort the proportions of the figure to translate the dramatic and emotional qualities for comic.

Learning process includes:
1. Week 01: Intro to Basic Figure Drawing. Figure scale & Proportion.
2. Week 02: Drawing A Human Head.
3. Week 03: Torso and arm
4. Week 04: Leg
5. Week 05: Body gesture.
6. Week 06: Action Pose.
7. Week 07: Character Design 01: Design A Hero
8. Week 08: Character Design 01: Design A Villian
9. Week 09: Dynamic Pose: Foreshortening
10. Week 10: Create A Comic 01: Script ( Story) & Thumbnail Sketch
11. Week 11: Create A Comic 02: Panel Layout & camera angle
12. Week 12: Create A Comic 03: Pencilling
13. Week 13: Create A Comic 04: Inking and Lettering
14. Week 14: Create A Comic 05: Cover

1. Demonstration and Discussion.
2. Studio-Based work.
3. Fun Free style draw session.
A4 Sketchbook/paper, pencils: HB, 2B,

The class will be targeted to kids from the age of 9 to older then that & adults are most welcome..Price will be RM 100 per person per month..feel free to contact the shop at 03-78048380 for any questions..
Thank you

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cheng cheng cheng!!! Watch out for a series of exciting announcements coming to you starting from 1st March! #mgccon2012

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Pocoyo Super Flash Hero!! / ¡Pocoyó Super Héroe Flash! even Pocoyo thinks comics are cool! :) Support your local comics today :D

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hehe :) There's a draw night there this friday!

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And may there be more comics, YEAH! :)
Gong Xi Fa Chai! May the year of the Dragon be a successful, healthy and happy one for everyone! The Banshee Creative family
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