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When my mother was pregnant with me, my father used to put little speakers on her belly. I have no memories. I don't need them. The music is already there.

And it's absolutely beautiful.

same old Rangers, minus Avery. Suck it, Torts.

six cable boxes at my disposal. Football everywhere.

J.B - "Legitimate Sports Question". Shannon Sharpe - "Wobadoopadoopop" Boomer- "Nods".


New discussion-

I found out via Facebook that an old friend from my hometown lost his father. Finding out through social media is disconcerting enough, but I was a bit taken aback while looking through the messages.

While, I'm certainly not criticizing the right of people to express condolences digitally, I found the use of emoticons and the hearts, the misspellings, and the use of 'omg' downright insincere.

We're still learning about this medium, and to this point we've done a lot of celebrating. Graduation, jobs, engagements, babies. Everything seemed kosher.

But how should we deal with death?

I hate to be (and am generally not) one of those people that complains about Facebook redesigns because I feel like most of the arguments are made by people too rigid to step back and take stock of the motivations behind these changes.

However, I am one of those people today. And I don't really take issue with change in general. I take issue with the being socially boxed in. I don't want a string of "You like this, you might be interested in..." and "You're friends with this guy, look at what he's doing" Constructing these closed social bubbles is the opposite of what we need to be doing.

Uber-customization is fun but it takes most of the discovery out of life. There will certainly be things in life that I won't be exposed to. No individual can open himself to the entirety of human experience before his existence is blinked out. However, that individual severely limits his exposure when he outlines the terms of what is aggregated to him.

I think that's what bothers me the most. Granted, I am posting this through a social network and I certainly understand the irony of that in itself. I guess I just feel that this place (at least) for the time being provides an opportunity to connect with people around me that I find relevant and does so without dictating my interests to me.

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My newest online offering/distraction.

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After all these years, I'm finally sitting down to watch Downfall.

I figured out what I like about this place. There are no baby pictures here.
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