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Turns out I am MUCH better at

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OK. Now this is just hella awesome and fun. Now to just get better at it...

Next stop: London!

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Perhaps the secrets to gamification extend beyond the simplicity of accumulating points. 

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Hey gang! If you could take a quick gander at an ad a friend made. He's in a competition and could earn some serious bucks if his video is watched 5000 times. Perhaps you could be one of those views and invite a friend? :)

(The campaign is pretty neat if you are in the SF area and what to check out a fun outdoor space to sweat a bit.)

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It's been a bit since I've talked "heritage"....but check out this wonderful organization. ...perhaps it's even worth a fb "like"

(the goal is 1,000--so....share the luvin?)

What brings you to Google +? Better yet, what is keeping you here? And what would you like to see?

(and what do you like about Google + in compared to Facebook?)

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This is cute. You will want to fast forward about a minute though...they babble at the beginning.

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Maybe San Fran boys will like my RA Training Farmer's Tan?

(First day a success, sadly it is also my first sunburn of the summer!)

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Found this "culture map" on College Humor. Pretty cute.

Me to Instructor:
"Um...I like this picture of the guy, but I think he might be famous because he looks familiar."
"Ummm, the guy by himself is Gerard Butler, and he's really famous."

I think I need to start paying attention to the credits in the movies (and while I'm at it...I should probably start watching more movies).
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