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Acupressure Therapy

With its origins in Ancient China, today’s acupressure techniques are derived from a range of traditional Eastern healing practices in combination with additional natural restorative methods. Several established organizations, (including the WHO) recognize the benefits of acupuncture and related Eastern therapeutic practices in the treatment of a wide range of diseases and conditions. Contact a Ola Massage Acupressure therapy specialist for practical recommendations and treatment plans.

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We believe that therapeutic touch, when professionally applied in one of its many established forms, has the power to restore and activate the healing potential present within each individual. Our certified massage therapists have provided beneficial results that range from restoring mobility to those suffering with physical ailments, to helping clients overcome debilitating stress related conditions.

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Ola Massage has been a trusted source of effective body work and massage therapy for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on providing practical knowledge and helpful recommendations dispensed by a team of professionally trained and certified massage practitioners committed to offering long term relief for a range of physical and psychological ailments.

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