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Yes, this article by Living in a Chemical Soup may be nearing 3 years old, it's as informative today as ever! 

There is an ever increasing rise in the numbers of people suffering from maladies for which medical professionals are regularly stumped. 


The answer is not that difficult.  Our society - daily - dumps millions of tons of chemicals into our environment: land, air and water.  For the most part people take for granted (aka: ASSUME!) these are all A.OK.  But they are NOT.

Become educated.  Be Aware.  Take action. STOP promoting the wholesale dumping of chemicals into our environment.  If someone pulled up to your door and dumped out 10,000 gallons of chemicals, you would call the police and have them arrested. 

Well, start calling!  Because, on the average, the people in a one square mile area of you have just done that in the last 10 minutes!

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EcoWatch reported this morning an EPA SSURO report on a disinfectant that did NOT work. It took nearly a year to get the report out by EPA's ATP group and to issue a notice for the company ZEP, Inc. to issue a recall, cease-use-of and public alert to the hazards of using Zep Formula 165.

My post this morning in YOSAKIME: Daily Gasp

Please put your VOICE to use and spread the information and not the infections!

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Amazingly ridiculous. Despite a checkered list of failures: mentioned even in the article: of introductions of human-engineered products, for the control of 'natural processes' - agri-engineers still guzzle their own 'Kool-Aide'!

Every introduction of man-made engineering controls on nature have ended up failing. Short-term 'success': it killed weeds'n'bugs; it kicked production yields up; it wipe-out X-disease; it ... not matter what 'IT' did .. 'IT' always ends up kicking the 'IT' out of everything in 'IT's path!

Roundup; touted when it was released as the 'The Wonder Herbicide' - is now essentially worthless: I will to my dying moment, insist that Roundup was a major contributor - if not the cause - of my mother's ovarian cancer; too many (10's of thousands of toxic incidents) to not show causal links!)

I believe it's safe-to-day, the bio-engineers - no matter how intelligent and crafty they get ... and there are lot of very bright folks, doing some truly amazing stuff ... just don't know 'IT' about 'IT'.

Suffice it to day, we all - thanks to their 'IT', are now in deep 'IT'. ". \

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Hmmm. 638 days? How many of those 638 days could YOU go without taking a breath?

Yeah, me either. That's why I don't hold mine anymore hoping for action. ". \

This is absolutely ridiculous! We have a major 'chemical problem' in the US .. and it's killing us. Yet, we won't take immediate action to stop it. Why? Because it's invisible and well covered by big money, corporate power-play, complacency and just plain apathy.

How many times would you let someone just walk up and smack you in the nose, before you either held up something to block the hit - or swung back? I doubt it would take more than one time. Yet, we have turned a blind-eye; deaf-ear; and apathetic-spine; to the tons of chemicals produced and distributed - 'legally' - throughout the US without so much as a whimper from the general public. The only squeak you hear, is coming from those who have lost the ability for their bodies to deal with this onslaught: the 'canary's in the coal-mine' - those whose lives have been devastated by the rest of societies glutenous abuse of chemicals of every kind and sort.

The average 'Jane and Joe' are- * WARNING: PC FILTER OFF!! * Dumber than a proverbial 'box of rocks', when it comes to chemicals. The very basic building block of LIFE itself is vastly unknown to a majority of people. Yet, we dip into the the brimming pool of toxins daily and yuk-it-up as if these life-altering concoctions were the very fountain of youth itself.

Ignorance and Apathy have killed more people than all the wars ever engaged since the dawn of time. One could say, these two common human failed characteristics have been instrumental in the start and continuance of every war ever fought, as well. Of this, I have NO DOUBT.

So, what will it take for YOU - Citizen of Planet Earth - to rise up above the mediocrity of human existence - educate yourself and others about the chemicals that help and hurt your body and theirs - and take a stand to 'clean up' the 'living room'? Disaster? Personal trauma: illness or death of loved one; your personal health lost? What? What will it take?

If any of these ring with the familiar tone of, "That's too late!", then congratulations! You're at least listening. NOW - do something about it!

Stay tuned for "HOW", you can make your voice be heard. That is, if you've found your voice.
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