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Hey Scott,

I run our  media team here at HubSpot, so I certainly appreciate your perspective and your sentiment that PR folks need to have sharp business minds and serve as trusted storytellers for the brand. I'm not sure I see the controversy here, though. A few thoughts:

-Many of the ideas outlined in the blog post you linked to on inbound PR support your arguments above rather than refute them, in my opinion
-Similarly, I think the ideological change Dharmesh and Brian pushed for was that hiring an agency and doing a big PR push used to be one of the first steps in a traditional marketing playbook. I think they are correct that for most businesses just starting out, PR is often viewed as a means for lead generation, and it typically falls short as a means for robust lead gen (with a few major exceptions of course). Does that negate the need for PR for businesses just starting out? Absolutely not--I think our push is just where it falls on the priority list vis a vis other opportunities.
-There is no question that exceptional agencies play a vital role in helping businesses shape their marketing outreach on everything from PR to content creation to analytics to overall web presence. In fact, we are proud to call many of those agencies partners as part of our partner program, some of whom have created their own great content to shape what inbound PR looks like
-We definitely agree that a compelling story is at the core of successful marketing. In your case, there's a bit more of a PR focus, and in our case, we believe in owned media just as much as earned media, so there may be a prioritization difference, but I think the fundamental point of view is actually pretty similar.

Look forward to continuing the conversation, Katie
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Hi Katie!  Thanks for commenting. I don't see a controversy, either, and  it's nothing personal against HubSpot.  I think HubSpot is a great tool and that HubSpot's educational content has done a lot of good.  We have HubSpot-certified folks on staff and have specifically recommended HubSpot to clients -- although we have made the strategic decision not to be a HubSpot reseller because we think it's in the best interest of our clients for us to be vendor-neutral. In any case, what the post is really pointing out is that our perspectives are colored by our backgrounds, and I think it's pretty uncontroversial to point out that "Inbound Marketing" showed a lack of understanding of PR and its historic role as a predecessor to modern content marketing.  It also has nothing to do with earned vs. owned media.  Owned media has also been around forever and traces back to corporate communications departments.  We manage more than half a dozen non-branded sites ("owned media") for our clients in addition to their company blogs and other online content.  As an agency, we also manage our own "owned media," beyond this blog and the Idea Grove blog, through our Media Orchard LLC, including sites on marketing, energy and (soon) enterprise technology. So again, it's all good, I just get mildly irritated when folks start out on third base (historically speaking) but believe they've hit a triple.
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