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Mega-Agency Capabilities. Boutique Relationships.
Mega-Agency Capabilities. Boutique Relationships.


MEJEUR-HAAS COMMUNICATIONS - We're with you... Every step of the way

In our recent survey of 25 business owners, professionals, and executives, we learned of the modest level of anxiety caused by a need to either upgrade a current broken or antiquated website or to establish a web presence from scratch. The comments we heard most often were the following: "We didn't know where to turn" and "I wish we had done it right the first time."
You're not in this alone. When we take on your project we make sure it's done right. From the wireframe in the beginning stages - to the backup, maintenance, and hosting at the end - we have only one goal in mind: your success and our continued relationship. Whether you need copywriting, photography, videography, graphics, or 3D modeling, our extensive experience in advertising, public relations, and communications ensures that you'll get the job done right the first time.
And now, you get a Mobile Web Application included in the cost of your custom website design. We make sure you can tell your story and connect with your clients and customers from the smartphone to the desktop and every device in between.

The Mobile Web Explained...
Whether you're connected via your cell phone provider's wireless network or free WiFi, the term Mobile Web refers to mobile connectivity to the Internet. The expected use of the mobile web in search and browsing has, over the last five years, been greatly underestimated. It is now expected that sometime early in 2014 mobile search will exceed desktop search. As a consequence of this explosive growth, it is now imperative that your website be accessible from all devices.
The Mobile Web Application (or mobile website) differs from an Android app or iPad / iPhone app in that it generally runs on a remote server and renders in a standard mobile browser, as opposed to running in a piece of dedicated software such as those available in the Apple App Store or Google Play. As browsers and smart phones become more powerful and more sophisticated, the distinction between these two forms of mobile access will become increasingly less clear.
Most of our clients' needs are met effectively by our Mobile Web Application MOBI. It uses the same files and the same database as the desktop version of their website. Using the latest in HTML5 and CSS3 programming technology, we are able to control the output to the device dependent upon the size of the device's screen yielding another powerful tool in your digital marketing arsenal.
Give us a call and let us explain how MOBI can give you the edge over your competition. It's not just a mobile website, it's mobile digital marketing.

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