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WSDOT Android App
Information, feature requests and support for WSDOT's Android app.
Information, feature requests and support for WSDOT's Android app.

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We released v3.4.0 of our app today. It includes a new Amtrak Cascades activity which allows you to check train schedules and status.

Has anyone tried it? When checking the schedules, did the app correctly locate the station closest to you or did it crash?

Just published v3.2.3 of the app to the Play Store.

This release fixes a bug that was reported which was causing the app to crash on startup and when navigating to the Ferries Route Schedules.

v3.2.2 was published late this afternoon. Changes include:

- Added Ferry crossing times to Route Schedules and Favorites display.
- Fixed layout alignment of favorite star on Ferries Route Schedule page.
- Updated new toll rates as of July 1, 2015.

Can someone who is running the app on a non-Lollipop device confirm that the drive-up spaces available progress circle in the ferry schedules is working correctly?

It should be a gray circle which fills green as less spaces become available. On my Lollipop device it appears to be a solid green all the time.

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Coming in the next couple of weeks for the +WSDOT Android App - Ferry drive-up available spaces. From the sailing times screen shown below you'll be able to swipe down to refresh available spaces.

Weather forecasts are current again for Snoqualmie, Stevens and White Pass.

Made a change to the highway alerts mobile data feed today. You will now see construction alerts and traffic alerts classified as "Medium". These will display on the map as yellow icons.

Let us know how this works for you.

Just released v2.1.1 to the Play Store.

Bug fixes for crashes I was seeing when accessing the Traffic Map and Seattle Alerts activities.

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v2.1.0 of the app is now live in the Play Store.

- Google Maps for Android updated to use v2. Much nicer.
- Now using "Swipe down to refresh" gesture. Refresh buttons removed.
- Fixes to correct random crashes on startup and when using the app.
- Traffic Map / GoTo locations now include Snoqualmie Pass, Tri-Cities and Yakima.
- Add timestamps and static map reference to all traffic alerts.
- Ferry route schedule now locked to Pacific time zone.
- Changes to allow us to display more travel alerts like we do on web site.
- Social Media / Flickr activity working again.

Not sure why the SR 520 bridge openings are not displaying in the app. Looking into it.
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