This analysis pretty much hits the nail on the head -- but ignores a larger issue: there's a big discrepancy between what's good for PC makers/sellers and what's good for consumers. Shoppers want a range of pricing options, and are willing to buy less-than-amazing products at low prices. But PC makers desperately want out of the low profit margin business and so they're trying to kill those options.

If sales remain sluggish, the only solution will likely be for PC makers to either lower prices yet again... or find something else to sell. 

I'm betting on the former -- don't forget, netbooks were selling for over $500 in 2008 before prices dropped to the sub-$300 range. The same could happen with ultrabooks and Windows 8 tablets.

Unfortunately if that does happen, we'll probably see PC makers pull out of those markets and look for something else to sell. 
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