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“The biggest issue we have encountered is that getting people in from eastern Europe is not working well anymore, neither fixed or on contract agreements,” says Thygesen.

“The salary expectations [in the East of Europe] are vastly exaggerated, so developers now expect more than our local developers… sometimes even in real terms. And certainly in terms of what you get in terms of output from them, comparatively speaking. I expect that the “good stories” of what the top devs get in Western Europe are travelling fast, so now new entrants to the game think they can get that kind of money.”

So you have some problem and you produce some test data that you want to plot. "I know, I'll use R!" Now you have two problems.

Joseki Bold Summer of Code candidates. Poli Timisoara: 15, UVT Timisoara: 6, Poli Bucuresti: 1, Algeria: 2, Slovakia: 1, India: 1, USA: 1.

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I've met today with the 3 final students for the Joseki Bold Summer of Code to sign the employment papers:

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"It matters immensely where you live". "I would add that these measures show that the most important factor determining wages for most of us is not our personal skills and human capital, or our effort and initiative, but whether we are using those skills and human capital in the context of a a high-productivity or a low-productivity economy."

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Bitrot sure is annoying.

Somehow I ended up reading an article talking about Vernor Vinge and some conference he attended back in 1996: The Sixth Conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy.

Since I like Vinge, I said, "why not see what Vinge was talking about".

Well, I found the conference site: and they even seem to be considerate enough to have recorded the talk but the link is broken!

Not only broken, but also realaudio, pointing to some pnm:// invalid URL. isn't helpful but gives me a good hint: the downloadable files are in

Sure enough, the .ra files are there and are about 4MB in size, meaning there is some data.

But -- I still can't play them!

VLC doesn't seem to play it and not even the original RealPlayer (or Converter) knows this ancient format.

So, does anyone know how to play this file or have an mp3 format: ?

NetBeans Mercurial main repository synced to BitBucket:
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