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Interesting read from @thomasmonopoly on one of the dangers of trusting the cloud (in this case,@Google) too much with all your data.

OK, I'm just going to say it: There's a reason you don't see many posts from me on Google+…simply put, and despite being a professional geek, I'm a tech-crank who really HATES web-apps. From the earliest incarnations of webmail to the current crop of social sites drenched in web 2.0 "goodness," the fact remains that I just want the superior level of integration—and, being a Mac geek, the superior UI—that a native application brings.

I don't like "living in the browser." UIs are inconsistent, notifications are insufficient, I have to hop from tab to tab to see everything I want to see or post everywhere I want to post (holy copy-pasta, Batman!), and I haven't met the browser yet that doesn't bog down or crash on me with all the tabs I open just while browsing. I've sampled the browser extensions for all the majors, I've tried the "social browsers" like Flock (R.I.P.) and Rockmelt. They just don't do it for me.

This is why I've actually put up with an AIR app—Tweetdeck, in this case—to handle my social media. (And I hate AIR…like I said in a previous post, I want native Mac and iOS apps with the same feature-set and plans to support Google+ once its API is released. I'll even pay for them!) Its columns show me everything I want to see in one place, and I can publish to one, all, or a selected mix of the sites at the same time. Or at least I could until Google+ came along.

Simply put, having to go to a separate place, scroll through a stream that doesn't collapse lengthy comment threads, and copy-paste my posts creates enough additional friction that it makes me not want to deal with it despite really wanting to like Google+. Hell, I still resent having to go to Facebook in my browser to reply to PMs, event invites, and the like. Is it any wonder my favorite social utility on the web is Twitter? There's almost nothing I need to actually go to the Twitter web site to do. If I only ever had to go to the Google+ site to manage my friends & profile, and maybe finally try a Hangout, I'd be a happy camper.

Yes, I get that Google+ is richer than Twitter, and even a little more so than Facebook in what and how you can post. But as long as I have to drink the "living in the browser" kool-aid and can't interact with the service the way I want to, Google+ is going to remain a second-class service for me. This makes me sad.
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