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David Baldwin
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David Baldwin

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I code in Java, not Jay-Z...  Hahaha!!!
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Today's cooking tip: Using a whisk to mix muffin batter makes it more difficult to "lick the spoon"... #GottaWashMyFaceNow

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David Baldwin

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Have a great Holiday, and watch out for all the "Great-Aunt-Bertha's" out there!

#Batman   #TheJoker   #HappyHolidays   #Family   #DCComics  
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David Baldwin

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You have to be specific, ladies...  LOL
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#ForTheRecord, listening to the James Bond soundtrack at work is stressful!

"Do you expect me to troubleshoot this spaghetti code?"
"No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to cry..."

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David Baldwin

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Whether you’re deciphering a sign in Rio de Janeiro or negotiating with a shop owner in Berlin, Google Translate can be your guide. Starting today, you can instantly translate signs using your phone’s camera and the Translate app, available on Android and iOS:
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David Baldwin

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Merry Christmas, everyone!
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David Baldwin

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I'm just a figment of my imagination...
  • Lander University
    Computer Information Systems, 2004 - 2007
Software Developer / System Analyst
Java, Oracle, and other related technologies
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