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UKanDo Facebook Account
Due to an ISP and Router change I have not been able to login to my Facebook account? 4 weeks down the line and countless emails to Facebook support, it would appear that nothing is going to be done to sort this at their end! So, a new Facebook account has ...

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Should UKanDo change to a more modern looking V3 skin?

Cast your vote!

Have your say! see forum!

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UKanDo Release 3.7.2
Download Release Notes We've added a couple of new features as well as a few fixes and tweaks! Plus the latest and greatest from the Lab to keep in line with LL Viewer release. Includes more updates from RLV viewer to keep in line with Marine’s releases. Mo...

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New Skins for UKanDo!
Coming Soon! You will have the choice to download different skins for UKanDo! I have decided to make these skins available for download separately rather then add them to the viewer for several reasons. Firstly , it saves me adding a load of code to the vie...

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UKanDo Release 3.7.0
Download Release Notes There's a few quick fixes from us, which include fixes to MUPose and OOC spotted by Dagger Faulkwing, so Thanx for pointing them out! Also includes fixes from Marine Kelley’s RLV Repo to keep in line with the RLV API V2.8.5.9. This re...

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For your own safety – ONLY DOWNLOAD UKANDO FROM THIS OFFICIAL SITE!! I have had several URLs sent to me offering UKanDo Viewer as a
download, THESE ARE NOT UKanDo Viewer THEY ARE VIRUSES! I'm not going to list the sites as I don’t want the URLs

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UKanDo Release 3.6.11
Download Release Notes Includes more Tweaks, Fixes and New Features, some by request! Check release Notes for more Info! This will be the last release before the New Year. So from us to all of you, have a Great Christmas and an even better New Year!! To upd...

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UKanDo Release 3.6.10
Download Release Notes Theses a few Tweaks and Fixes as well as a number of Nice New Features from us in this release, also Jess has worked her normal magic on the Area Search Overhaul. But the biggest part for some people will be the LL updates. The update...

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UKanDo Release 3.6.8
Download Release Notes It’s been a while since the last release so plenty of changes in this version! Theses a shed load of fixes, tweaks etc. from the Lab including the fix for the latest ATI Driver update. This release brings UKanDo up-to-date with the la...

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UKanDo Release 3.6.7
Download Release Notes This Release is mostly Fixes, Tweaks and Updates from Linden Lab, these a fair few so I’m kinda going to say that ...
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