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If you need a personal injury attorney in the Philadelphia area, contact McLaughlin & Lauricella today.
If you need a personal injury attorney in the Philadelphia area, contact McLaughlin & Lauricella today.

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Do you know what insurance claims to file if you are injured in a car accident?  Talk to a #personalinjurylawyer  to discuss your options.

When you buy, or change, your insurance policy, the choices you make can limit your recovery from the at-fault driver. Read more about car accident damages and automobile insurance on our personal injury blog.   

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#plasticsurgery  increased in 2014, with more than 15.1 million cosmetic procedures performed in 2014. Surgeons anticipate that these figures will increase in 2015.

As with any medical procedure, physicians must explain the potential complications and risks associated with cosmetic procedures to their patients. Medical injuries can leave patients feeling cheated, embarrassed, and helpless. Attorneys may help give these patients some closure. Do you have a #medicalmalpractice  case? Read more below. 



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On December 30, 2014, the American Cancer Society (ACS) reported a 22% percent decline in cancer mortality over the past two decades. According to ACS, the decline was attributed to a decrease in the smoking rate, advances in cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment. 

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Remember to schedule regular checkups with your physician and to be cognizant of changes to your health. Early detection of cancer and timely referral to an appropriate cancer specialist are necessary components in the fight against cancer. Delayed diagnosis and/or misdiagnosis of cancer can have a drastic impact on a patient’s life.
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Not all discounts are created equal. Sure, insurance companies can find ways to lower the cost of your car insurance. But at what cost? You may end up forfeiting important legal rights just to save a couple dollars on your monthly car insurance premium. 

Understand the difference between Limited Tort and Full Tort automobile insurance BEFORE selecting, or renewing, your car insurance policy in Pennsylvania. You may decide that a slightly more expensive Full Tort automobile insurance policy is worth the price. 

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Judy Huth's lawsuit against Bill Cosby (alleging that Cosby sexually assaulted her when she was only a minor) came under attack from Cosby's lawyers in recent Court filings. Cosby's lawyers asked the Court to dismiss Huth's lawsuit as "meritless and unsupported." Huth's attorney responded by filing Court papers of her own, a supporting declaration from a licensed mental health practitioner who concluded that there was a reasonable basis for Huth's claim.

Huth's lawsuit has brought to light numerous allegations from several accusers after 10 years of media silence since Constance Constand's lawsuit was filed against Cosby in Pennsylvania. Read more about the numerous allegations brought against Cosby in our Personal Injury Blog. 

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