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Covering the world one square at a time.
Covering the world one square at a time.

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Licensed roofing contractors simply prove, by voluntarily completing the application process and passing the certification exam, that they have the technical and business knowledge to provide top quality service.
There are many factors in addition to cost to consider. A roof needs to be done right the first time. Otherwise you may face high repair cost–or even have to have the roof entirely redone.
What are the most common types of roofing?
* Asphalt shingles * Wood shingles or shakes * Tile * Metal
Is there a cost difference in insurance for different types of roofing?
Yes, there is a cost difference in insurance for the different types of roofing. Costs are determined by many factors. The type of material used influences insurance costs. There are various life spans in materials, so the insurance cost depends on that.
What’s the difference between 25-year and 30-year shingles?
30-year shingles weighs much heavier than 25-yr shingles. Their thickened state makes the 30-year shingles much more durable and more warranty on the 30 yr. The appearance of the shingle is more high-definition on the 30 yr.
How much does a new roof cost?
A variety of considerations are needed before an estimate can be done. * Size of roof * Materials to be used * Type of home * Pitch of the Roof
Do we work with Insurance Companies?
Yes, we will be present with notice at any time the customer asks us to be to meet with their Insurance Adjuster.

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Styles of Asphalt Shingles

Strip Shingles: The time-honored asphalt strip shingle, more commonly referred to as "three-tab," will allow for a wide variety of designs and light-and-shadow alternatives. Each and every strip shingle is divided into three tabs to approximate the style of the individual shingles with the simple installation of strips.
Interlocking Shingles: Interlocking shingles are, well, you got it, shingles that interlock. Less chosen than strip and laminated shingles, they are, nevertheless, a excellent choice if you live in an especially windy climate.
Laminated Shingles: Laminated shingles are also commonly known as architectural shingles or three-dimensional shingles. These type of shingles use alternating thickness, spacing, and number to create dynamic, three-dimensional looks that are typically chosen by both homeowners and architects alike.
Individual Shingles: And you thought interlocking shingles were correctly named. The main benefit of individual shingles is the overall flexibility. You can discover these shingles in rectangular designs or hexagonal patterns that allow for a distinctive application and style. The primary drawback is the added cost of a painstaking application.

I hope that I was able to help you understand that while they are surely more popular and easily less expensive than other roofing material, a familiar complaint about asphalt shingles has to do with their overall durability. Asphalt shingles come, typically as most roofing materials, with a warranty. This warranty can sometimes be for as long as 50 years in some cases. The issue is that asphalt shingles have typically been known to become damaged before the warranty expires, and/or if the manufacturer happens to ascertain that your roofing contractor didn't install the roof according to "specifications," you'll unfortunately be out of luck. In the end, asphalt roofing is still the most cost-effective roofing out there, but it typically does require greater commitment from the homeowner to find both a reputable manufacturer and a reputable roofing contractor to install the shingles.

Billy Odom looks forward to working with you on your projects so call today and make an appointment.

• We are fully licensed
• Adequately insured for your protection
• Have a proven Reputation for providing Quality Roofing and Construction Services
• Committed to ongoing professional training to ensure quality installation

We offer residential, commercial roofing installation
and roof repair services.  We also do maintenance agreements with our commercial customers.

A Full-service Roofing and General Contractor serving Cedar Creek Lake
and all the surrounding areas in a range of 50 to 100 miles since 1985.  We love referrals and most of our work comes due to referrals from our customers and suppliers.

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Welcome to Billy Odom Roofing Co. INC!

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Welcome to Billy Odom Roofing Co. INC!
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