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MX3D to 3D print a steel bridge on-site in Amsterdam using Robots.
#mx3d   #robotics  
The 3D printing R&D company MX3D is planning to print a bridge across a canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is hoped that the robots used will print their own supports and gradually move across the water, creating the bridge as they go.

MX3D teams up with AutoDesk and few other companies to do this amazing work.

MX3D says the project is made feasible by its robotic 3D printing technology that effectively makes it possible to draw in mid-air. The multi-axis industrial robots to be used can print metals, plastics and combinations of materials.

For the bridge project, the robots will be printing in steel. They will use specially-designed arms that heat up the metal to 1,500° C before welding the structure. This approach means structures can be created that are strong, durable and complex. It will be as strong and as any other bridge. People will be able to walk back and forth over it for decades.

It is hoped that the entire process will take place on-site. And, it will be built over the course of two months in fall of 2017.

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