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Culture change - recognising, releasing and nurturing what is already present
I attended the HR Summit in Barcelona on 12-14 October 2016, which is a long-standing networking event that brings together suppliers and buyers of HR services.  Interspersed amongst the meetings, were a series of practitioner-led sessions and I went to a c...

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Online leadership learning – does it work?
‘I feel the course
was designed for me’ ‘I’m not forced to
learn what I don’t need’ ‘I’ve gone through
some of the lessons several times.   This
is the best approach for responsible adults.   Leaders need to take responsibility and the learning process supp...

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Note taking as a learning aid
Note taking is a critical learning skill because it helps to capture the fragments of thoughts, observations and ideas t hat emerge as you work and learn.  I keep a small note book to hand a t all times that I only use for my learning notes.  My note book a...

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Do we need management courses? - revisited 3 years on...
One of the things that I really value about maintaining a blog is that is provides me with a reference point that can used in a number of ways.  Perhaps of most value is that it enables me to return to topics that I've reflected on in the past but which, fo...

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Lessons on learning from the spiritual to the secular - enough is never enough
Ubuntu speaks particularly about the fact
that you can't exist as a human being in isolation. It speaks about our
interconnectedness. You can't be human all by yourself, and when you have this
quality – Ubuntu – you are known for your generosity. We think o...

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Learn from observing human behaviour using an 'empathy map'
I picked up this piece from the Harvard Business Review blog - Three Creativity Challenges from IDEO’s Leaders Link to HBR blog All three of the creativity challenges are good; I know about mind-mapping and already use it regularly but the other two were ne...

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Management development - filling empty vessels or valuing experience?
Picture credit - Helping you Harmonise I return to an issue that I have written about before, namely the development of management competence. The reason that this has come back into my consciousness again is the experience that I had last week working with...

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11 qualities of an effective manager - updated with a Slideshare presentation.
I have been blogging regularly for just over three years and the most popular post over this period was the one I wrote in September 2013 called 11 Qualities of the Effective Manager and their sources of learning It summarised the key findings of some resea...

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What else? - a great coaching question but what else?
Julie Johnson, a business associate of mine, posted this piece on her blog about the 'What else?' question in a coaching conversation: I magine that you are coaching someone, and you both agree that
it is time to focus on generating possible solutions to th...

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The ridge is challenging enough on foot.  Awesome.
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