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Stephanie Lewis
Live, Laugh, Love- The Lewis Family
Live, Laugh, Love- The Lewis Family


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Rwanda, Beautiful Beautiful Rwanda.
I figured by now I would have written a post about Rwanda, but the truth is, I haven't even sat down to fully process what I experienced. I think largely because processing it meant it was over, that it was a memory, that contrary to what my heart desires, ...

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Stuff: The Ugly Truth of Day 2
So after some revision, I decided to jump into Jen Hatmaker's chapter on giving away 7 things a day. Day 1 and 2? Easy. Tupperware, random forks that don't match our set, an extra towel, sheet set, and a couple random toiletries. But today I sat on my couch...

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My Husband
Marriage can be tough. And lately, our marriage has been anything but sunshine and rainbows. But man oh man am I thankful the Lord gave me the husband He did. The past few weeks have held lots of anger, hurt, frustrations, tears, and pain. But interwoven in...

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Building Habits
It's been about a week since we finished going through our entire house. I am amazed at the difference in our lives! I love knowing where everything is and being able to put things away quickly. It all goes back to having a place for everything and putting ...

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Celebrating Success
Thanks to the incredible generosity of our families, I returned from my trip to Illinois with a stockpile of baby things that needed to find their home in our home. I had already transformed our office into a nursery with a cloffice (closet office), but asi...

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Taking the First Step
The more podcasts I listen to and blogs I read, the more I can't wait to get home and start revamping our home. I am motivated and inspired to take control of our home and the items inside. Let the organizing begin!
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