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Is your child ready to learn?
Call Dr. Slotnick, a behavioral optometrist and pediatric eye doctor in Scarsdale, NY today to attend one of her seminars.

5 Star: Fazool F. "I think dr. Slotnick is very knowledgeable and very good at what she does she is also very observative she picks up on things that some people do not see and she made my son feel comfortable..."

5 Star: Jeff H. "Very friendly"

5 Star: Bruce M. "Dr. Slotnick was very informative and gave a well thought out concept and strategy to work through the most challenging strabismus cases we encounter. Her mastering of traditional therapy..."

5 Star: Scott S. "I was very impressed with the comprehensive eye exam and the time Dr. Slotnick took in explaining the findings regarding my vision. I was also interested in the explanation of the difference..."

5 Star: betsy k. "Dr. Slotnick is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough in her diagnosis and treatment. She approaches vision and processing issues from a new prospective, and is fabulous with the kids and..."

5 Star: Esther S. "Dr. Slotnick is passionate about what she does. She is completely "focused" on her patients in meticulous, empathetic and meaningful ways. Her goal is not only to help her patients overcome..."

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5 Star: manolo d. "The workshop was very interesting.
Dr. Slotnick's energy and dynamism was so refreshing during the lecture. She answered all of my questions. She iseems to be exceptional in her..."

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5 Star: Valentina S. "What a huge difference in just a few month...
I see my granddaughter only few times a year, but this time I can see a huge improvement in behavioral and overall demeanor. I am so glad L. is..."

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5 Star: Elinore K. "I received a thorough exam. Recommendations addressed my concerns and were explained in terms understandable to me. I will continue to see Dr Slotnick and recommend that others do the same"
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