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Dan Edwards
Dan Edwards is a marketing manager, photographer, writer and most importantly father and husband.
Dan Edwards is a marketing manager, photographer, writer and most importantly father and husband.

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As an airline geek and photographer this video is simply genius 
Behind the scenes video from a photo flight over the Las Vegas Strip!

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A first quick sneak peak of an image that I took in the Karoo desert here in South Africa this weekend while on a trip with my good budy +Dewald Kirsten #milkyway #nikon #karoo #southafrica

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This guy has helped me so much, it might be the best thing that you ever did
Planning an update to your business, what is your approach? You will need a new perspective and requires new thinking. It's amazing how quickly you can implement a new strategy once your perspective is changed. Reach out and talk to me if you would like to discuss it.

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+Dewald Kirsten one for you bud
                       Awesome  Baby Stroller Ever
A survey of 1,000 British dads found that a third of them felt embarrassed when pushing their babies around in a regular baby stroller. More than 76% of them would also be more willing to push their babies around if they had a higher spec stroller.
        Škoda created the ‘vRS Mega Man-Pram’, a giant baby cart with 20-inch wheels designed to be the “ultimate baby transport experience”.
 YouTube : Awesome Baby Troller Ever

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Muizenberg Beach Huts, Cape Town

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this is so epic its crazy
1st Official Trailer: Spring 2014 IMAX Film "In Saturn's Rings"
Massive +NASA Photos of Earth, Mars, Saturn & Beyond! Transformed into Epic IMAX Film! | Highly Recommended!
To watch this awe-inspiring film trailer in 1080p HD or 4K Ultra HD, choose "original" under YouTube quality settings (you need a fast computer and a 4K monitor to view it full resolution) at:

Official "In Saturn's Rings" Film Website:

Director Stephen van Vuuren used more than a million photographs and numerous film techniques to create the effect of flying through space around Saturn and among its rings!
The film is dedicated to Stanley Kubrick & Carl Sagan.

"This film was 100% created using only flat 2D photographs (often hundreds or thousands per frame) stitched together for massive hundred megapixel+ resolutions that are scaled and zoomed using techniques developed by the filmmaker, based on Ken Burns and 2.5D photo animation processes!

A computer is actually not even required to do this - it could all be done exactly using photoanimation techniques from 100 years ago!:

No 3D models, texture mapping, 3D CGI, camera projection, cloning or painting or any other VFX techniques are used - every pixel is what was captured in the photograph. The photographs are processed as minimally as possible - much less than your average Instagram photo."

While listening to the Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber one day in 2006, Director van Vuuren conceived the idea of creating moving images of Saturn using a pan and scan 3-D effect he had seen in a 2002 documentary called The Kid Stays in the Picture. The technique involves creating a 3-D perspective using still photographs.[3] (The Adagio for Strings would later become part of the soundtrack for In Saturn's Rings.)

IMAX® is a registered trademark of IMAX® Inc.
#Saturn #IMAX #Film #HD #Trailer #Space #Photo #Animation #Kubrick #Sagan  

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Pulling my belongings - a man in a township neat Cape Town pulls his worldly belongings behind him in two milk crates. #realitycheck #blackandwhitephotography #silhouettephotography  

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I had a totally different shoot this week, to photograph cats and dogs being sterilized by the Animal Rescue Organisation. What a pleasure and fun shoot!

Here is one of the images captured

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Start with where you are stuck, what is that obstacle that is not allowing you to move past a certain point. Clear the way and you move forward in leaps and bounds.

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Man I love this shot so much I just had to share. Everything a black and white should be, contrasty, inviting, intriguing, story telling.
People on The Airport, Frankfurt June 2013
Camera Olympus OMD E-M5
Focal length 12mm
Exposure time 1/400 sec
Aperture f / 9
ISO 200
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