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Line Video Surveillance System
Line Video Surveillance System


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Devline, developers of the Line digital surveillance system.
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Line XVR Network Video Recorder – upgraded case and implemented changes

The multi-format Line XVR network video recorder now has a new case. Besides the changes to the overall look of the device, the problem of opening the recorder’s top panel has been solved and the internal ventilator has been replaced with a quieter model.

A number of upcoming changes have been announced when Line XVR was launched on the market. At this time, some of the features have been implemented, namely:
- Local blocking of the monitor screen connected to the device;
- Option to control PTZ cameras;
- Local export of archives to USB devices;
- Support of 12TB hard drives.

Any user can enjoy these free features by upgrading their device to the new version:

Plans for the Line XVR platform include:
– Option to connect two monitors, which display different images, to the NVR;
– Option for remote setup of monitors, including location of cameras on views;
– Option to connect 3G/4G modems using a USB port;
– Local sound playback using XVR audio output in archive;
– Local device administration.
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Line Recorders: even more archive features

Now Line XVR and Line NVR work with 12TB HDD. The 12TB is the largest size of hard drives available on the market at this time.

The multi-format Line XVR network video recorder supports two hard drives, which means that the maximum archive on the device is 24TB. Based on the Line NVR IP video recorder, you can have a video surveillance system with a 48TB archive.

The following features of the Line archive allow distribution of the HDD load efficiently and save space for recording:
– Motion detection with an option to set up recording when detecting in a frame;
– Setting up camera recordings by group;
– Recording archive to an external storage over the network.
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Multi-format video-recorder "Line XVR"

Pre-order is open for video recorders "Line XVR" with the possibility of simultaneous working with five formats: HD-TVI, AHD, CVI, CVBS, and IP. The device is sold with activated Line licenses, and allows connecting up to 16 cameras. Each channel may be setup individually.

To work with the recorder, IP cameras should be of the ONVIF standard, or one of the 3,907 integrated cameras. CVBS, TVI, AHD, and CVI cameras support UltraHD.

New video recorders provide access to all primary functions of the Line software: creating users with various access levels, software detector, analytics in the archive, reactions, "Line Cloud" service, etc.

The housing can accommodate two 3.5" hard drives for recording the archive.

The device can be connected to the monitor via a VGA or an HDMI cable to display true multiview of up to 16 cameras. Control is provided by a USB mouse.

The video surveillance system is controlled and adjusted from any free-of-charge Line client workstation running under Windows. The system may also be connected to from Android and iOS mobile devices.

To learn more about pricing and the basic features of the Line "XVR" video recorders, call + 86755 8602 0780.
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Especially for our loyal subscribers, we shot a video on setting up the Line server on Linux.
While tests on this OS are still ongoing, many people are already working with our beta version:
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New version of Line 7.4.0 software − Line Emap

The updated Line video surveillance system allows using the interactive map of the facility (Emap) for an additional monitor.

Support has been added for new values of 64 and 128 channel IP Line activation cards.

For the "Line MicroNVR" video servers, and the Linux Line server, new reactions have been added: "Send an HTTP request" and "External event".

The following important changes have been made:

− Video freezing on some cameras during playback.
− "Sound alarm" reaction has been implemented for the 64-bit version.

Bug fixes:

− server search error;
− crashing Observer during cyclic monitor operation;
− the password could not be saved in client settings;
− Observer hangs under Windows 10.

The new brand of IP cameras - Avers - has been integrated.

Extended lineup of the following manufacturers:

− Satvision,
− Sunell,

The program officially supports 3804 models of digital cameras.

Download the new version of the "Line" software:
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32, 64 and 128 channel CCTV "Line IP" for large facilties

Line application for video surveillance has now become more convenient for installation at large facilities. New card nominals for 32, 64 and 128 IP cameras allow activating many cameras with a single code from a single video server simultaneously. Please note that when activated, the license data cannot be separated.

New denominations are available for purchasing at our "Virtual warehouse":

Many IP cameras may be connected to the same server, if the sub-stream is connected with the recommended resolution of 320 × 240. The minimum resolution is only displayed in the multi view mode, when the camera maximized, it will automatically switch to the main stream with the maximum resolution. It is also necessary to use the 64-bit version of the operating system (Windows or Linux).

Download the latest Line software version:
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Timelapse with the use of a video-surveillance camera

New feature Timelapse is now available to the users of the Line service for creating live broadcast at the website. It may be used for creating a video from a series of frames from your video-surveillance cameras. As a result, you get a time-lapse video, and a short video may contain a period of several days, or even months. This feature is enabled upon request.

Unlike the test version that some users may have already tried, there have been several significant upgrades. In the free version, the maximum archive depth is 10 days with circular recording. Each frame is made once in ten minutes. The file is created every 24 hours, and the output video bit-rate is 2 MB/s. Also, the Line logo is removed from the video.

There is also a paid version with unlimited archive depth for the paid period, and individual settings: frequency of creating frames, time of record creation, and video bit-rate.
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Beta version of the Line for Linux video surveillance system

Testing the beta version of "Line" software back-end running on computers running Linux kernel based OS. Except for the temporary limitation of connecting up to 16 IP cameras, users of this version will be able to assess the entire functionality of the system on the new platform.

The beta version should not be used in production, since Devline company does not guarantee its stability. Should you find deficiencies in the software, or should you have any questions and ideas about the application functionality, please contact Devline support team.

Download the beta version of the "Line" for Linux OS software:
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New software version Line 7.3.0: adding events from playback mode
Download Line 7.3.0 here:
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