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wesley cole
historian, roleplayer, overall nice guy.
historian, roleplayer, overall nice guy.

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For pelgrame day is anyone interested in doing a ToC oneshot?

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Would anyone be interested in a Dracula Dossier game on Wednesday evening EST?

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Who would be interested in a dracula dossier game on Wednesday nigjts EST?

Is anyone interested in doing eclipse phase? 

would any one be interested in doing a transhumanities fate hangout game?

would anyone be up for playing some Eclipse Phase. I'm looking to run it with the fate hack transhumanities fate if any one is interested.

Hi, gangfirst of all its great to meet every one I just joined the Cult of Chaos and want to spread some Chaosium love, but I had a few questions first.

I know A Time to Harvest is coming out in April and Chaosium is shooting for May to have games running. My question though is can we run Non Time of Harvest stuff until then? My idea was to do a twice a month Saturday game at my two FLGS's and do a few different scenarios for 7th ed to teach and highlight parts of the game so people can hop into ATtoH or maybe even attract new keepers interested in running it too. 

I just started running the Dracula Dossier. My players met their contact and then watched her get pushed to her death. They use this opportunity to get the Dossier and head to a safe house. They decided after browsing the Dossier to check out Hillingham since it would be in London. At Hillingham the players found a group of heroine addicts who have bite marks on their necks. They also find a lab upstairs with equipment from the 40's as well as a box with room for 4 blood samples but containing only 3. At that point a squad of swat officers.
My problem is I'm not sure what to do from here or even how to structure the rest of the campaign. I think next week the players are going to investigate the blood sample more. I think I'm over thinking this and panicking, but this campaign is super complex.

I just got the Mage: The Asencion, Bundle of Holding its a little indimidating. What is the best place to start digesting it?

I apologize for this guys it's the end of the semester and I've been putting in grades. It took way longer than expected. Tomorrow morning I'm going to make an event and send it out for next Friday 9:30 est to play. 
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