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Noël is leading a workout group for Boulder Women's Wellness and wrote this great article on Adrenal Fatigue.
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This time of year seems to be all about love; chocolates, flowers, and cards will show loved ones just how loved they are.

But how will you show love to yourself? Some very wise people would say that our relationship with ourselves is the most important one we have, and only by truly caring for ourselves can we care for others.

Self Love Day is February 13th! Honor this day and your body and soul by registering for my Find Your Ideal Nourishment counseling package. Between now and February 15th, you can reserve 12 counseling sessions for $1000. Interested? Need to know more? Use the link below to contact me.


Because you deserve to love and be loved by your body!

Because you don't have to suffer and survive; you can radiate and create the life you love to live! 

Because health, wellbeing and joy are available to you, starting now. 


Love your Body!

Really, that's what you'll get out of this program. The more specific benefits include:

Lose weight or gain it (whichever you need!)
Sleep soundly and wake up rested
Enjoy food and the experience of eating
Have more energy for the things you love to do
Understand your cravings and how to protect yourself from bad habits
The Find Your Ideal Nourishment package includes:

-twelve hour-long sessions; in-person or over the phone
-text and email support between sessions
-access to recipes, strategies and tips for healthy living
-meditations, exercises and writing projects to help you better understand your body

Register today! Limited spaces available in this highly individualized, one-on-one program. To see what other women are saying about working with Lily, read some testimonials.
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Good Morning! 

Are you reading this over a cup of coffee, because you are just not a morning person? Or over a green smoothie, because getting healthier is one of your New Year's resolutions?

Whether or not you've already taken steps to prioritize your health and happiness, I can help you succeed. And you can receive 50% off of my usual rates if you sign up before the end of tomorrow's open house.

If you are interested but want to learn more, give me a call or send me an email. You can read what clients are saying about my work at Also, come to the open house at HoloBeing and buy a raffle ticket for a chance to win three FREE sessions with me, a $375 value!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Lily
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New fall recipes, savory and sweet!
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Salmon and Mustard Green Soup
Serves 3 or 4 

1/2 teaspoon cumin
1/2 teaspoon chili powder
1/2 teaspoon ginger
1 tablespoon toasted sesame oil
1 tablespoon soy sauce
coconut oil for the pan
6 oz. salmon, skin removed
4-6 cups veggie or fish broth
4 scallions, minced
3 cloves of garlic, minced
1 bunch mustard greens
1/2 package of brown rice noodles
salt to taste.

In a tiny bowl, mix together spices, a third of the garlic, sesame oil, and soy sauce. Brush over the salmon, and set aside. If you are really prepared, you could do this step the night before, or marinate the salmon all day while you're at work. 
Heat your largest cast iron skillet* on medium heat, with a tablespoon of oil. When the pan is hot, add salmon and any remaining marinade. Heat until sizzling, and tuck under a hot broiler for two or three minutes. Use to the oven light to check: you want the top of the salmon to blanch and maybe brown, but the thick center of the fish should stay pink.

Remove the pan from the oven, and place back over high heat. Add broth until the fish is well covered, bring to a boil, and turn down to a simmer. Add scallions and remaining garlic. Remove mustard greens from their ribs, and chop into bite size pieces. Add to the broth, nesting the salmon. As the fish cooks, it will become easy to break apart; separate the flakes with a  wooded spoon. Taste for seasoning.

Cook the noodles in a separate pot. Dry them well, and separate into serving bowls. Ladle soup on top and serve.

*Note: I used a large, deep skillet because I've been meaning to expand my cookery collection, and don't have a heavy bottomed soup pot. I think this would work well in any pot with a heavy bottom, as long as it's okay to go under the broiler. 
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I’ve never kept a New Year’s Resolution in my life. Really, in August, do you ever stop to think about some idea you came up with eight or nine months ago? Nope. Not me, anyways.

So this year, instead of making a promise that I’m not going to keep, I thought about all the things I want to cultivate in my life; things that feed my soul, make me feel more alive, things that get me out of bed in the morning, and keep me healthy and happy.

Try this exercise:  Sit quietly with your notebook in a place you feel safe and comfortable. Picture your ideal life. How would you spend your leisure time?

How can you start doing that now? Build these activities into your life, just like you would new tasks for work, or household chores. Share your dreams with your friends, and ask them to join in. Doing what you love to do can be as important as doing what you have to do.


-Art is important to me! Being creative helps me feel more self-expressed, and gives my brain a break from problem solving. I built writing into my morning routine; after I get up and do my stretches, I sit down with a pen and just write. I also set up an art date every week with my roommate, when we pull out our old magazines, and make collages and small paintings for three hours together.

-Playful movement is also important to me. It makes me more confident in my body, and keeps me healthy. If I were to make a resolution around this, I would say “I am going to get 30 minutes of heart pounding exercise every day!” Saying that is great, but working into my life in a sustainable way will make it stick. I already ride my bike to work on most days, and go to yoga three or four times a week. What can I do to get moving on days when it’s too icy to bike, or I’m too busy for yoga? I can call a friend and ask if they can meet for a walk, or I can look up my favorite music video and spend half an hour trying to learn the dance moves. Around four o’clock, I look up from my desk and think “Oh man! How am I going to move around today?” It gets me going.

-Healthy cooking is important to me, and so is sharing food with people I love. I looked at the calendar for the next couple months, and marked down five or six nights that I could have small dinner parties. Nothing fancy, just an opportunity for me to try out some new recipes and see some friends. I think about who I would love to see, and send out invites. Having these dinners in the future encourages me to go grocery shopping and learn new recipes frequently, which keeps me having fun in the kitchen.

Do you see the common thread? Pick something you love, make it a priority. Include your loved ones in your plans. Figure out the groundwork that needs to be done, i.e. buy a few new tubes of paint, renew your yoga membership, and make a regular grocery list. Set yourself up to love your life. That’s way more inspiring that resolving to lose fifteen pounds. The secret is, if you’re loving your life, you’ll probably lose the weight without trying.

(P.S. My name is Lily Calfee! I am a Wellness Counselor in Boulder, Colorado. I teach women how to think and eat healthier to be their most radiant selves. My clients come to me overweight, stressed out and depressed, and transform their lives to experience energy, joy and self love. Learn more at and read more blog entries here.)
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There a lots of things that put stress on our bodies. The obvious stressors are things like:

-Tensions at work
-Arguments with your partner
-Financial strain
-Having too much to do and not enough time
-Running late
-Concern about the wellbeing of those you care about.

These are all emotional and mental stressors. There are also physical stresses on our bodies, such being cold, dehydrated, unrested, or malnourished.  All of these stressors create a small immune response, so that your body is constantly repairing the damage that stress causes. Your immune system is sort of like the rescue squad in your home town; it has limited resources, so when it's working at half-capacity all the time, it's difficult respond with full force to a real emergency. When you are exposed to a virus or bacteria, your immune system doesn't have to resources to fight it off. The key to staying healthy is a strong immune system, and the key to strong immune system is a well-rested immune system.

So what can you do to give those guys some time off? The first thing is to get enough rest. We tend to squeeze by on a little less sleep than we need, depending on caffeine and sugar to get us going in the morning. We also stay up late (when it's dark out) and sleep into the day (when it's light out), which is less restful for your body than a sleep cycle that mimics the natural world. Ask yourself, honestly, how much sleep makes you feel great. Find out what time it gets bright out in the morning and go to bed early enough to wake up at that time.

The second easy way to give your body a break is to drink enough water. Being only slightly dehydrated puts stress on your cells and hinders your body's processes. Dehydration slows your mental reaction time and makes it harder to absorb the food that you eat. Help everything run smoothly by drinking lots of water all day long. Frequently, when we feel hungry in between meals, we are actually experiencing the first signs of thirst. Experiment with drinking a full glass of water when hunger or boredom strikes. Aim for eight tall glasses over the course of the day.

Another important way to protect your immune system is with exercise. Exercising creates endorphins, which help you process stress more efficiently. It also gets your blood and lymph moving around, which helps moves toxins away from your cells. Movement during the day will help you sleep better at night, which we've already learned is important for a strong immune system. At least 30 minutes of movement everyday is recommended, specifically exercise that raises your heart rate. Some days this can be as easy as walking briskly home from work instead of taking the bus, or making a point to go for a quick walk before your lunch break. Make exercise more fun by planning a hike with your family, or attending a yoga class with friend.

The last important piece to the immunity puzzle is diet. Lots of different foods are healthy, but the real immune-supporting champions are dark leafy greens. Greens purify your blood and improve circulation, and are high in almost every immune-supporting vitamin. Experiment with different greens, and try to sneak two or three servings into your day. My favorite is kale, sautéd with another simple immune-boosting food, garlic and onions. So many of my meals start with these two bulbs in pan with a little olive oil, and that's a great way to contribute to your immune system's resources.

So, what helps us stay healthy, over the course of a day?

-Sleep ( 8 hours)
-Water (a gallon)
-Exercise (30 minutes)
-Greens, also onions and garlic (2-3 servings)

I should also mention that stress reduction techniques, such as meditation, breathing exercises and laughing are really excellent at diffusing the stress that is unavoidable in our lives. Find time to be still, take deep breaths, and enjoy your life.  Experimenting with these recommendations should make your immune system stronger, and make you more able to fight off colds and infections you might be exposed to.  

What else do you do to fend off colds and keep your immune system strong?

P.S. I am a Wellness Counselor in Boulder, Colorado. I teach women how to think and eat healthier to be their most radiant selves. My clients come to me overweight, stressed out and depressed, and transform their lives to experience energy, joy and self love. Learn more at and read more blog entries by clicking the link below.
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