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Want to learn about latest #CloudFoundry Services features? Read this post on the CF Services Keys and also get an overview of our sample #Golang service broker that you can use to spin up VMs on an IaaS---it also takes full advantage of the latest CF services features, e.g., Async provisioning and arbitrary parameters. 

All OSS all the time: Apache 2.0 license. Enjoy.
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Michael Maximilien (DrMax) commented on a post on Blogger.
Hi, can you elaborate on this statement:

"For example, at Google we apply machine learning techniques to ensure that a given service is operating at top efficiency."

It's easy to make such statements and as we know the devil is in the details.

I don't doubt you all have cool "AI" tools and algos to improve K8s based on usage stats. However, giving some concrete hints at some of the insights you have uncovered would not disclose any secret sauce while giving credence to the statement.


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Selfie in Santa Cruz, CA
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My First Ironman Experience by the Numbers

Instead of sharing the details of the Ironman experience with lots of words, let me instead share the pertinent numbers. 

I do this for two reasons: 1) there are many blogs about IM experience and they tend to be repetitive, and 2) I have the numbers so why not summarize that for posterity. 

Oh, also, still pretty tired, so numbers might be easier than words at this time for me. So with that here are the salient figures I tabulated.

360 days since Ironman Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, registration on June 24, 2013

11.4 mph (miles per hour, average training speed from all three disciplines)
132 bpm (beats per minute, average heart rate training)
493h52m10s (time training)
557 activities (bike, run, and swim)
5,632.03 miles (logged while training)
318,135 calories burned (training)
414,229 ft (elevation gain while training)

7h36m55s max time on bike at once
14.9 mph (average)
70 rpm (revolution per minute, average cadence)
113.07 miles (max distance for one training ride)
127 bpm (beats per minute, average HR)
181 watts (average power)
298h28m48s time on bike
328 bike rides
1,271 max watts reached
10,702 ft, max elevation gain at once
4,453.27 miles logged
341,673 ft elevation gain
172,164 calories burned

3h43m32s max time running at once
6.8 mph (average)
26.35 miles (max for one run)
82 spm (steps per minute, average cadence)
140 bpm (beats per minute, average HR)
165h46m00s running
171 run activities
3,973 ft (max elevation gain in one run)
1,133.63 miles ran
129,290 calories burned
72,012 ft elevation gain
1,588,244 steps while running

1.8 mph average speed
1.66 miles, max distance swimming at once
1h24m34s max time in the water at once
28h36m42s swimming
43 miles logged in water
46 swim activities
16,364 calories burned

1h43m07s swim
4h46m20s run
7h04m00s bike
13h44m12s (total, with transitions, unofficial, on my watch)
10.3 mph average speed
40.1 mph, max speed on bike
76 spm, average run cadence
66 rpm average bike cadence
134 bpm average HR
138 watts average power
174 bpm, max HR
140.81 total miles raced
695 watts, max power
7,516 ft total elevation gain
6,972 calories burned
43,506 steps (marathon and transitions)

Conclusion, well, not sure right now but clearly I should swim more :)
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Look who stop by to say hi on my way to get a coffee at the cafeteria
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Freezing COLD (22F) at the #CIM2013 but managed new #PR for the marathon by almost 8 minutes. Unofficially: 3h43m31s #happy #14
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#BrazenRacing   #RockyRidge  half marathon at the Las Trampas Wilderness.

The hardest run I do all year.  It's 4K+ feet elevation gain on 13.7 miles.  New PR for the course at 2h31m33s (20 minutes faster than last year) and came 46/222 overall and 5th in my age group.

#FitnessGauge   #PacWest  
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Woodside to La Honda and back. 40 miles ride in cold and foggy weather

#cycling   #Woodside   #LaHonda  
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Another pic from #Dagstuhl's Crowd-sourcing seminar with better view of all participants
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