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Ryan J. Suto
Make the world a better place for and with your children.
Make the world a better place for and with your children.


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Trump’s ties and voter oversight
The past ten days have brought to surface a list of revelations
about, and statements from, President-elect Donald Trump. These realities force
Americans to inquire as to motivations of Trump and his staff in the
Administration’s stance toward Russia. But m...

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Five MENA policy challenges that go beyond ISIS
The current US presidential campaign debate on Middle East policy has focused disproportionately on the US response to the Islamic State (ISIS or IS). This series will focus instead on five alternative Middle East policy challenges facing the next president...

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Politics is Perception
The political games the Republicans are playing leave the  Democrats  with no strategy moving forward The Out-Party Game Recently President Barack Obama  pointed out  that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the GOP figured out something very importa...

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Five issues ignored during the 2016 presidential election season,
Amid an election full of outlandish statements, Twitter spats and ad hominem accusations, many important problems facing America have failed to grace headlines. I address five of them in a series on Fair Observer: 1.  The Harm of Judicial Elections in Ameri...

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Kaepernick and American-ness
There are two major issues underlying the dialogue
surrounding Colin Kaepernick’s decision to remain seated during the national
anthem: 1. Race and 2. Symbolism. 1. Our society
questions the American-ness of People of Color more readily than the American-ne...

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The man who talks most about winning is an expert in losing
Don’t be surprised that Trump has been peddling reasons for
his eventual loss, stating that the election
will be rigged against him. Don’t be surprised when he focuses more on
maintaining an intense following rather than softening his message, only

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How did we get here?
Since the time of
honest racial segregation in America—when whites wrote down race-based rules of
exclusion—we have been formulating modes of dishonest segregation: denials of
equality and inclusion in areas such as housing , criminal
justice , employment ,...

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7 Goals for Progressive Millenials
voters under 30 years famously helped President Barack
Obama take the presidency in 2008 and throughout this campaign have been unquestionably the largest
supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders, the only 2016 candidate who
Millenials view favorabl...

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Xenophobia Has No Place in America
Posted on Fair Observer . On January 16,  Amine Aouam was battered  on the streets of Philadelphia so badly that he regained consciousness in the emergency room. His transgression? Speaking Arabic. Last November, two men were  temporarily barred  from board...

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The Presidential Race We Deserve
The political discourse of shouting, speaking in platitudes,
making vague and nebulous claims, blatant lies, mis-information, and xenophobia
has dominated this election cycle. Individually none of this is new in
politics, but they are combined and accentuat...
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