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How very childish. On both parts. To grown men. Well one. (And I'm not speaking about Obama.) And over all things - a damned super bowl ring. President Obama just lost the rest of whatever respect he had. And I couldn't agree with President Putin more. On the Super Bowl ring issue... it shouldn't have even been on the table in a G8 summit. President Obama is in way over his head and has ceased treading water. What an idiot.

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How very childish. On both parts. To grown men. Well one. (And I'm not speaking about Obama.) And over all things - a damned super bowl ring. President Obama just lost the rest of whatever respect he had. And I couldn't agree with President Putin more. On the Super Bowl ring issue... it shouldn't have even been on the table in a G8 summit. President Obama is in way over his head and has ceased treading water. What an idiot.

President Obama is getting ready to give amnesty to all the illegal aliens. He can track emails, phone calls. Get the IRS to audit his opponents. Why can't he track the illegal aliens? He can. He just does not want to. He sues the states with tough immigration laws. If his wishes are met, there is a potential for more electoral votes in the end. And have no doubt these illegals will see President Obama as a Saviour. 11+ million illegals made legal = one heck of a lot of votes that would swing elections.

I have to say this while still remember it. Just watching Cavuto and a woman with brown hair was arguing on the Patriot Act. She stated "we haven't had a successful terrorist act since 9/11. She needs to go crawl back under the rock she was living under. What exactly was Boston? Please? Someone put some sense in this woman's head.

Fox News' "The Five" made a statement that I was surprised at.  I'm not quoting but as close as I can "The Obama Administration is probably one of the most corrupt administrations we've ever had."  I couldn't agree more.

Now, let's go back to the Nixon administration.  Anyone remember Watergate?  It's what Nixon resigned over.  President Obama has way over shot that.

So one question looms stagnantly in the air:  "Why no impeachment proceedings yet?"  We've had Benghazi, IRS scandle, AP scandle, election fraud (proven) and more recently the investigation of two Fox news reporters to name just a few.  This President has abused every one of his elected powers -- or close to it.

But they're holding hearings!!!  Why yes, Virginia, they are.  Kangaroo court hearings.  Costing taxpayers millions.  So the IRS loses a couple heads.  Mrs. Clinton resigns to cover her own ass for a possible run in the next election.  President Obama is leading a "dump and run" campaign to save his own ass.  But the good news is, once all the others are gone, there's only one shiny ass left.  His.  He can blame only so far.

Why not call for the White House Press Secretary to resign?  How about Chairman of the Joint Chiefs?  Anyone but you, Mr. President.  I'd love to see both houses unite and issue a summons to President Obama himself to come and testify before an OPEN committee.  It'll never happen.  He'll claim executive privilege.  Seeing that he's abused so many privileges, I think they may be able to take away his last hall pass.

he time is right for Republicans and Democrats to unite like they've never had before.  This President is a disaster that is already happening.  The people are tired of lies.  How about some truth from the White House for a change?</p><p>As for the News Agencies -- don't let this ignorant ass of a President bully you.  Continue to do your jobs as you were hired to do.  Inform the people of what is really happening in Washington, DC and elsewhere.  Don't be afraid of this puppet.  He is slowly showing the world what he is.  Ignorant, defiant and dangerous.

President Obama's "Chicago Mob" enforcers only have a little rope left before they string it around their own balls and see that it's President Obama that's pulling the string tighter.

f this were the Nixon era, he'd already be gone.  Impeached.  Embarrassed and humiliated beyond belief.  Instead that's what he's doing to this country.  Humiliation beyond belief to anyone that stands up legally and speaks the truth.

President Obama is successfully dividing Americans.  Where did I hear that one before..."Divide and conquer."    That's not a smile he's wearing when he takes a picture --  it's a sneer.  He doesn't salute the troops, he waves.

What we have now is the closest to a "regime" as we've ever had.  With Barrack Obama as the Leader of a not so free nation.  We're free?  Yes.. kiddies... we are.  Even though religion is no longer tolerated in public schools.  Even though they're taking away parents rights for education of their own children on such touchy topics as sex education.  (Handing out condoms in elementary schools too.)  Clamping down on the Second Amendment?  Among others.

Can I have one big "Hell Yes" from everyone that they're tired of this administration and it's lies.  The liberties it's taken against We, the People and the liberties it's abused?  No more illegal seizures or audits?  (Well, they were illegal -- up until the administration went to another judge and said "Here... overturn this ruling or else.)

Time for truth President Obama.  And that's something your shiny ass has never told -- and probably never will because he's got his personnel so afraid of him that they'd rather plead the 5th than tell the truth against this Dictator.

President Obama is doing what he does best.  Play the blame game and re-write old scripts.  He likes Hollywood, he needs to go live there.  Because that’s where his dreams will be played out in the movies.

His attack on Rush Limbaugh is nothing but smoke and BS because Mr. Limbaugh tells it like it is.  To quote Rush “I live rent free in his mind”.  I love it.  If he’s that easily distracted, go for it.

President Obama is like a broken record where the needle hits on the same scratch marks again and again but with a different spin.  He plays spin the bottle and sees what agencies he can use to cover his ass until the end of his term.

Mr. President, you should have been impeached by not, if not severely reprimanded.  For lying to the American people about Benghazi and everything else.  Including the past election where there was fraud and bribery.  Bribery on your part for issuing the cell phones.  Mis-use of power by borrowing from the Bank of America for your campaign.  (May not have been illegal mis-use, but have you paid back that loan?  And if the other side had requested the same loan would Bank of America agreed – seeing that YOUR ADMINISTRATION BAILED THEM OUT?)

How the mainstream media love to love you and feast on the honey coated lies your press secretary and yourself hand them.  All for a seat in the press room.  I’d rather be on the outside looking in and work the story rather than selling my soul for a right to ask questions that THE MEDIA KNOWS will be sidelined somehow.

Live in your bubble Mr. President.  Prince Harry spent more time in New Jersey with the Governor than you did.  Paid more respect to those who lost love ones and property than you did.  Donald Trump gave and gave and gave of himself without no one asking.  What did you do Sir?

This is your second and last term and you’re laughing at the American people.  Go ahead and laugh.  I hope this serves as a wake up call to your loyal extreme right wing supporters that they elected a lemon into office.

Gun control on the table again?  Nothing new there.  Another new spin with the hopes of putting a veil of cotton over peoples’ eyes so no hard questions can be asked.  What about the Boston bombing?  What agencies dropped the ball?  What about Benghazi and the whistle blowers?  These people are heroes in my mind.  What about?  What about?

It seems you like to open your mouth and blow wind, but you have no answers to give.  And every single one within your arms reach is there to cover your ass and say “Yes Sir, what lie would you like me to tell today?


I have to say this. ...  I've been watching The Five and Cavuto on Fox News and their take on the bombings in Boston.  So far they've been right on.  Including tonight.  I believe the United States is supporting terrorism by not doing it's due diligence on those it offers asylum to.

AND the United States government is offering aid in some way or another to countries KNOWN to support terrorist groups.  Where does our government think that money is going to?  If they think it's going to charitable donations or relief aid, they're wearing blinders.  We also supply arms and training to groups we think are our allies within the terrorist faction.  I submit that we will be back in those countries shortly and have our own weapons and knowledge used against us.

Both brothers came to this country as refugees and were granted access to all benefits the U.S. citizens have.  Including welfare.  The older brother was questioned earlier and then determined not to be a risk.  So why did this fall under the radar of the Administration?  Do we have no system that monitors granting of refuge status recipients for any length of time after they're in our country?  Especially from a known location that is ripe for terrorism?  And how about the mosques they visited?  Supposedly many terrorists have been worshipping at that certain one.

True... guilt by association isn't normally acceptable but when one and one makes two, it only stands to reason that at least some monitoring must be done.. </p><p>Radical Islamists and Radical Muslim differ greatly from the gentler Islam and Muslim religions. True, they are harsher and more tightened in their beliefs. True, they are different religions than Christianity.. so who are we to label a whole religion radical?  I abhor terrorism.  But all people are allowed  to worship as they choose.

This being said are there Christian terrorists?  Yes. Those who bomb abortion clinics and shoot Dr's that perform abortions and so on.  Those who vehemently protest gay marriages.  I also do not believe in abortions for any reason.  Does that make me a radical?

So the question is... who are we to judge the rest of the world on their religious ideas?  We have some "radical" ideas of our own.  Somewhere it says "Judge not."  Ah.  I believe it's the Bible.

I'm not condoning Radical religions by any means.  I am saying that the United States needs to look into itself and deal with our problems such as drugs, homelessness, etc.

Radical extremists will always exist in one form or another such as radical left wing republicans / radical right wing democrats.  Radical progressive thinkers.  As soon as people understand that the war in the Middle East is a "Jihad" or holy war,  then we can begin to understand the hatred reasons that the east has against the west. "can't we all just get along" doesn't work.  We must defend our country against those who aspire to decrease our population.

Policies need to be reviewed and tightened on immigration as well as college entrances and grants.  Tougher standards all the way around.  Will this be enough?  No.  But it may begin an era of better determent.  We need to make clear that in no way will the United States harbor terrorists, (in colleges, wherever).

We need to make clear that terror is absolutely not acceptable and will be dealt with quickly and the perpetrators disposed of immediately.  We are a great country.  We shall stand United, even with those small factions within who wish to cause trouble.  We will continue our efforts to bring to justice those within who try to divide "We The People."  The war on terror will be ongoing.  Everywhere.  And we shall rise to the occasion wherever American citizens are threatened.  Thank you for reading and may God truly Bless America abundantly.  Good night.

<p>Global Village, New World Order, whatever you want to call it... will happen sooner or later.  Maybe not in my generation, but soon.  It has to for Biblical prophecy to be fulfilled.  I actually see it starting to happen now. Governments in turmoil, their people crying out for peace.  Peace at what price?  In the United States it's taking form of our rights being taken away from us little by little.  Each incident, large or small will prompt Homeland Security to advise the Administration to put more of a strangle hold on our people.  If no one noticed.... the police commissioner of Boston ORDERED people to stay inside (for their own safety).  Businesses and schools were ORDERED to shut down.  Did people lose a day's wages?  No one's said anything about that side of the story.  This is just a minute illustration of what is to come. </p><p>To give police in Boston, the FBI, Homeland Security and all other agencies and individuals credit -- they did an outstanding job.  As did the news people who stayed on location for hours on end. </p><p>Our President has a right to declare a state of emergency wherein certain executive orders are in place to make the United States a police nation.  It's all there in black and white.  In little insignificant Executive Orders signed by different Presidents and upheld by the next President.  You really have to dig through them to find them.  But they exist. </p><p>There is an executive order covering transportation such as airplanes, railroads and buses being used solely for government purpose.  There is an executive order on how to distribute food and who will be responsible for doing so.  There is an executive order that would allow the President to use all able bodied men and women for war-time purposes whether they are willing or not.  Property and farmland can be taken away.  (It already can.  It's called eminent domain.)Drones over the United States.  Implementation of  more cameras (this part I agree on) on our streets and highways.  Please, please tighten security at our airports and our borders.</p><p>Getting back to globalization:  I believe there will be five main Unions.  The European Union;  North American Union (United States, Mexico, Canada.); Asian Union (Russia, China, Japan et. al.);  South American Union (Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, et. al.) and the Middle Eastern Union (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, etc.).  However there will be one leader and one currency. </p><p>Israel may at one point be divided, but those that do and war against her will be utterly destroyed.  This also is written in prophecy.</p><p>No matter what your race or what your religion people must be seeing the increase in earthquakes ("there will be earthquakes in divers places), wars, bombings, rumors of war, confusion, famine, flooding, etc..</p><p>Technology has become so advanced they can clone an animal.  How soon before they can clone people?  It's normal for pets to have a microchip implanted.   I'm sure those people of importance also have a chip implanted so their government agencies can protect them better.</p><p>I'm not a doom and gloom person.  Not by any means.  I'm just saying wake up, take a look around you.  Don't look for someone else to solve your problems.  Use your brains instead of feeling sorry for yourselves.  Call your congress person and representatives.  Tell them to get out of their chairs, sweep off the cobwebs that have grown on them and start thinking about 'WE, THE PEOPLE." </p><p>Those who wanted President Obama elected a second term got just what they wanted and just what they deserved.  Four more years of nothing.  The "budget" is hilarious.  Spending hasn't stopped.  Dependence on foreign oil hasn't stopped.  We need to explore our own resources and exploit them.  Drilling exploration must continue on a massive scale in Alaska and it's coasts.</p><p>Alternative sources of power such as wind turbines are absolutely useless unless five or ten states are dedicated to nothing but wind turbines and I don't see that happening.  They're not cute, they're not efficient.  They're disgusting sights that need to be destroyed. </p><p>Global warming is a lie and a joke.  It's just trending as it has been doing for the past thousands of years and will continue on that course.  Of course we humans in our procreation and leaps of technological development are now a part of the root cause as well.  We don't need to stop that development but we do need to find a cleaner way to continue.</p><p>A global village would insure global standards.  Currency stability.  Global laws and regulations.  As in the European Union I suggest even a passport free zone.  Residents of rogue nations and known nations that support terrorism would need special consideration and INTERPOL screening before traveling.  This will not bring peace, but unilateral ethics and understanding by people that if your desire is to harm the world's people, the world will be after you in unison.  Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.</p><p>I know what some are thinking.  That I've lost it.  Take a close look at the news.  Earthquakes in Oklahoma and other unusual locations, expected flooding along the Mississippi river, drought, wildfires. </p><p>HAARP is real &amp; it's NOT just for regular scientific research.  Just let a reporter try to get in.  Project Echelon is real..  The globalization of intelligence gathering is very real as evidenced in the eavesdropping and interception of hundreds of thousands of cell phone conversations, emails, etc. in the Boston case (albeit necessary).  What makes everyone think they're not doing this anyway.</p><p>I could go on and on, but again... the world's people needs to pull their heads out of the sand and educate themselves as to what is being sprayed in the air and the chemicals introduced to their water and foods.  By the way if you're concerned about being tracked?  I have news.... If you have as cell phone they can track you.  OnStar is one big tracking device.</p><p>I am not in favor of a Global Village.  I believe in individualism.  However if the people do not start to use their brains instead of their Wii's, Xbox, etc.... I fear globalization is nearer than anyone thinks.</p><p>Thank you for reading.  May your God bless you abundantly.</p>

The world in general seems to be slowly imploding on itself.  There are, however, some good things happening that seem to get over shadowed by the bad news out there.  Sometimes, I wonder if a "Good News Channel" would really work.  Nah.  NBC,  CBS and ABC along with all the other liberal channels wouln't make any money on their stories.
So... let's talk:
North Korea:  Kim Jong Un threatens to fire a nuclear missle.  The United States' first respons?  We don't believe they have the capability.  Now  it's - we believe a launch could be any day but the United States can destroy their missles.  Well, what a change.
China is getting tired of North Korea and the world is getting tired of China, Russia and India with their cyber-attacks.  Don't get me wrong -- this is what it will come down to when we talk about the big players.   Cyber war.
RUSSIA:  is forming - or has formed - an alliance with Syria and is supplying them with nuclear weapons and other arms.  My thoughts on this?  China is using North Korea as a diversion and Russia will provide the means for a Syrian attack on Israel.  Soon the "great bear" Russia will invade Israel itself, walking over the Middle East. 
AFGHANISTAN and IRAQ:  We're still there.  Training and funding the anti-Taliban and Al-Queida groups with our money and our weapons.  For what?  For them to use against us?  That's what it seems is happening most of the time.  The United States hands out money disguised as foreign aid to oil rich countries that don't need a cent but will take an American life in the blink of an eye.
CYPRUS:  barely made it by the skin of their teeth.  Still in the European Union but also still have their hands deep in their citizens pockets.  Somehow I see a similarity in the future with the United States.
UNITED STATES:  Strained to the limit on all issues including budget, more focused on gun control (and I stress the word control).  Unable to compromise on anything, both parties blame the other - with the Republicans probably still scratching their heads on how they lost the last election.  Voter fraud in Ohio.  How many other states?
Former Governor Jeb Bush looking for a run at the Presidency?  That's all we need.  Another Bush in office.  Wasn't two enough.  "A bird in the hand is better than two in the Bush."  Well, one Bush in the White House was enough. 
Illegal immigration is what it is.  Illegal.  Let's not beat around the Bush on that one.  (Pun intended.)  However with the upcoming cuts, the White House et al is using it's scare tactics on reduction of personnel that security will be less.  So why tell the world?  To blame it on the Republicans?
Then we have just plain stupidity.  That's what irritates me the most about Washington, DC.  The absolute stupidity and the insulting thought that "if we (in Washington, DC) tell the general public what they want to hear, everything will be ok and they'll go away.  Let's raise taxes instead of cutting spending (give them something else to think about), scare them about health care cuts, etc.  That's the best this administration can do and it seems that all departments are desperate enough to go along with this hair brained idea.
Never before have I seen such a "do nothing" President and a media - with exception of a brave few - that will say "yes sir, I'll print that story.  How much higher do you want us to jump?"
A "Good News" news channel.  (No, not the Christian Broadcasting Network.)  Unfortunately it'll never happen.  Why?  Because good news doesn't sell.

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