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What is Visitation? Do parents have a right to visitation?


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What Is Guardianship?

Guardianship is a legal arrangement that is commonly misunderstood. It can be complicated, and is regularly confused with other legal decisions like custody. Guardianship is when the court appoints a person or an agency to take responsibility for the care of a child. Guardianship is different than custody as it pertains more to decision making for a minor.


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Child Custody And Guardianship

Understanding child custody and guardianship can be exceptionally difficult. By retaining our services you can rest assured we have both the knowledge to help your case, and the commitment to walk you through exactly what is expected from you and what you need to understand.

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Happy 4th of July!

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Settling Your matrimonial Matter By Entering Into An Agreement

If you and your spouse wish to separate from one another while remaining legally married, you can enter into a separation agreement. In the separation agreement, all of the issues that would be addressed in a divorce can be addressed, including, but not limited to custody, child support, spousal maintenance, payment of debts, and property rights. The separation agreement is filed with the Court and can be later incorporated into a Judgment of Divorce if you do later decide to get divorced.

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What Is A Post Judgement Action?

After you are divorced, there are many circumstances that may arise which could require you to return to Court. Some of these circumstances could never have been foreseen at the time of the divorce. Actions commenced subsequent to the entry of a final judgment of divorce to enforce or modify a party’s rights under a Judgment of Divorce are called “Post Judgment” actions.

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When paternity is contested, a Court is empowered to order the mother, child, and the possible father to submit to DNA tests in order to establish paternity. The court may decline to order such tests, however, where the child’s best interests would not be served – for example, in circumstances where a father has treated the child as his own such and established a parental relationship with the child, or where the parents are married to one another.

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Orders Of Protection

An Order of Protection is a Court Order prohibiting the person against whom the Order is issued (known as the “Respondent” in Family Court) from engaging in certain activities. The Family Court has concurrent jurisdiction with the criminal court; this means that an Order of Protection can be sought and obtained in both Family Court and criminal court depending on the individual facts and circumstances of the case.

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Neglect And Abuse Proceedings

A child abuse or neglect case begins when someone files a report of child abuse or neglect. Neglect and abuse means that the adult responsible for taking care of a child caused emotional or physical harm, or risk of harm, to the child. Abuse and neglect include failing to protect a child from harm caused by other people.

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Mediation And Collaborative Law

Mediation in matrimonial matters has evolved with a stigma of producing agreements that are non-compliant with New York State Domestic Relations Law and in setting parties up for economic failure. Much like matrimonial arbitration, mediation is driven by the matrimonial knowledge and domestic relations experience of the Mediator.

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