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Mikhaela Reid
Cartoonist, designer, knitter, sewist & feminist. Obsessed with bright colors, bold prints and vintage styles.
Cartoonist, designer, knitter, sewist & feminist. Obsessed with bright colors, bold prints and vintage styles.

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A Perfect Wrap Dress & a Not So Perfect Photo Shoot (Simplicity 1653 review)*
Do you hate taking garment photos as much as I do? It took me 30 minutes to get this underexposed pixilated shot, all the while dreading the awkwardness of having to explain to our new neighbors why I was preening and fake laughing in a shared hallway. Yest...

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Harry Potter family cosplay (or how I sewed a Dumbledore costume out of random thrift store items)
Have you ever tried to knit or sew nice things for someone you love to find that they just don't ever... actually wear them? Yeah, me too. I gave up knitting for my husband after two consecutive hats and a pair of fingerless gloves went unworn and unloved f...

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How to build a happy personal style uniform (plus Me Made May kickoff)
I don't know about you, but when I drag myself out of bed in the morning, torn from sweet sleep by the phone alarm or a child screaming "Mama!", I am far too groggy to make complicated garment-and-accessory coordinating decisions. Yet for a long time I resi...

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Slow Knitting: The Starry Starry Night Socks That Kept Me Going
I always laugh when friends exclaim "you should sell those on Etsy!" over my projects because I'm pretty sure there is no sustainable business model for selling socks that take three months to knit. No, slow knitting projects are like stately redwood trees,...

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Sweaters and Hats Like Nothing You've Never Seen
Like nothing you've ever seen... because I forgot to blog them. Brought to you by in vivid low-res Instagram-selfie-o-vision because I can't manage to take real photos since we moved (where is that tripod, anyway?). Hetty at last! Anyway, I finally finished...

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How we bought an affordable 3-bedroom apartment in Manhattan. (PSST: SEWING ROOM)
Me, painting our new three-bedroom apartment bright orange and turquoise, as one does Yeah, so, we bought a three-bedroom prewar apartment in Manhattan through an affordable housing organization. It was all rather sudden. We couldn't afford our neighborhood...

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Finished: Fuschia Floral Maxi Dress (McCall's 6070 hacked for nursing with Simplicity frankenskirt)
So a few months ago I made this dress and went back to work before I could blog it. I wear it all the time and pretty much love it BUT I have to say my memory of its construction is rather hazy at this point. I do know that I used my trusty McCall's 6070 fo...

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A 10 Item Wardobe? (Or: It's OK to wear the same outfit over and over!)
This orange dress (shown in 2011) survived multiple closet purges over the years because I loved the color and shape. But I hated the length and never wore it—and now it's finally gone. So I still haven't had time to blog several sewing or knitting projects...

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Fabric (and other shopping) discount referral code!
Don't be too impressed now — I sewed the above maxi dress back during Me Made May and I STILL haven't found time to blog about it. Give me a few more weeks! Just popping in quickly to share a quick eBates discount referral code offer that expires at midnigh...

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Quick Blue Ponte Pencil Skirt (Burdastyle Melissa Skirt) + Twin Needle Hem Troubleshooting
In the interests of blogging the unblogged, I'll keep this brief. After all, why take longer to blog about something... Than it took to sew it? The details: Pattern : Burdastyle Melissa high-waisted knit pencil skirt. It doesn't get any simpler than this da...
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