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Batman caught a burglary suspect in Britain. No, seriously.
"A mystery man dressed as Batman demonstrated the same crime-fighting skills as the caped crusader when he handed over a suspect wanted for burglary in Britain.


'The person who brought the wanted man into the station was dressed in a full Batman outfit,' said a spokeswoman for West Yorkshire Police. 'His identity, however, remains unknown.'"

More details:

Image via Reuters/West Yorkshire Police.

Nicki Minaj judging American Idol is like Stevie Wonder judging a beauty contest. 

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Maybe I don't understand the way insurance works for businesses, or don't have a good grip on ObamaCare, but wouldn't it be cheaper, (and the right thing to do for their employees) for Hobby Lobby to just offer Blue Cross, Cigna or another healthcare provider, rather than to go on with this silly lawsuit over ObamaCare? They'll have to pay either way, so why not just offer insurance and ultimately look like the good guy all around? 

Besides, aren't we supposed to "render unto Caesar...?" I'm sure 1st century Christians didn't file injunctions against Rome, while their tax money was being used to pay soldiers and mercenaries, just to kill Christians anyway. The whole thing just looks stupid, and makes Christians look stupid.

Once again G+ comes up with an update that kicks the crap out of Facebook, and yet, nobody is here to notice. 

Any Facebook defectors yet?

Hello? Is this thing on?

Just checked Google+ for the first time in 2 weeks. After the tumbleweed blew bu and the chirping crickets scattered, I realized there's still nothing going on here. Maybe someone from Google can explain to me how they plan on killing Facebook with no people around. 
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