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The Pitivi video editor has launched a €100k fundraising campaign and needs your help.

The team behind the GStreamer-based video editor for Linux has started an ambitious fundraising campaign to fund the full-time development of the open source app.

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Samuel Greenway

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The sun is always changing & for 4 years now, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory is always watching [video] 
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See Ubuntu convergence in action - Ubuntu SDK App Converging Across Phone, Tablet, and Desktop - Karma Machine, a reddit client written with the Ubuntu SDK ( running on phone, tablet, and desktop, all from the same code-base, and optimized for each form-factor #ubuntu  
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Samuel Greenway

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Android 4.3 ONLY | NO ROOT | NO ADSPermission Manager allows you to quickly...
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Movie of Curiosity's View Backwards While Crossing Dune - The series of nine images making up this animation were taken by the rear Hazard-Avoidance Camera (rear Hazcam) on NASA's Curiosity Mars rover as the rover drove over a dune spanning "Dingo Gap" on Mars. The Hazcam, mounted low on the vehicle's chassis, provides a wide-angle view. Curiosity made this 23-foot (7 meter) drive during the 535th Martian day, or sol, of its work on Mars (Feb. 6, 2014). At the start of the drive, the rover's right-front wheel was already at the crest of the 3-foot-tall (1-meter-tall) dune, with the rover still pointed uphill. By the last three images in the series, the rover was headed downhill.

The light-toned dome on the right side of the horizon is part of Mount Sharp. This drive was westward. The rover's long-term destination on the lower slope of Mount Sharp is still farther west and south from the rover's current location. Dingo Gap provided an entryway into a valley to the west. The valley appealed to the rover team as a driving route because its terrain includes fewer sharp rocks than alternative routes considered.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

#mars #nasa #space #spaceimages #msl #curiosity #marscuriosity #marsrovers #planets #redplanet #solarsystem #nofilter

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The most rugged Android smartphone i have ever used!
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I am me and that's who I am!
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Unfortunately, the president and his team are making their good intentions almost indefensible.

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The more you like Ubuntu, the more you’ll love Landscape.

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great service awesome food
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