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If I could edit the doc where we share references to help with Minecraft I would add the following. It's one of the many VSTE webinars where we discussed Minecraft but this one shares three or four teachers' experiences in bringing Minecraft to school for teaching and learning.

Good discussion.

Does anyone recognize this quote, "We are not teaching students to be gamers; we are teaching gamers to be students." Did I get this from one of you? I'm using it at a conference and don't remember who to attribute it to!

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Moka and Sadie 

Feb. 6, 2017 Minecraft Monday
Panel Discussion at VSTE Place, our Minecraft world 8 to 9 PM Monday, February 6, 2017

Mark your calendars for Monday, February 6 at 8:00 pm. We want as many EVO Minecraft MOOC members as are available to present via panel discussion about playing Minecraft in survival mode in preparation for

at VSTE Place

You will be asked about your experience and talk about how we can set up our own survival experience for interested VSTE members this summer.

To participate you need a Minecraft account from Mojang, the free software running 1.11.2 On the login screen Edit Profile, choose release 1.11.2 from the dropdown menu, and save the profile. Our multiuser server address is Email before 6 PM Monday with your Mojang Minecraft login name so you can be whitelisted. We will use Discord for voice. A link will be shared at 8 PM within Minecraft.

I am whitelisting the members of EVO Minecraft MOOC that have mentioned wanting to be part of this. Feel free to email me to be sure.

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Bridge over Troubled Water? This is my creative build for the assignment. Not inspired, but hopefully meeting the objective. I'm having so much fun in survival I don't want to invest a lot of time building in creative right now! 

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Thank you to whomever saved my sheep and horse! I'm such a noob! 

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Next Monday at 8 PM Eastern VSTE meets in our Minecraft world, "VSTE Place." I'd love to have some EVO Minecraft MOOC members join us. I want to present the idea to VSTE that we do a "Survive the Summer" event from Memorial Day, May 29th, through Labor Day, September 4th. We'd have a survival map members can teleport to.

I'd love for any of you to come talk it up with me. We might have a panel discussion if there are enough of us, answering some questions that come up...

What's the big deal about survival? How do you start? What are some common goals we might adopt? Where do you get your best information about how to survive? That sort of thing.

I found a huge mine under my house. I'm going to have to learn to shoot a bow and arrow to clean it out. It has much needed coal and iron in it. I can't wait to see what other treasures are there!

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Vance and Rose, Mary O'Brien is trying to join. I may have sent her the wrong form to fill out. I sent Rose Mary's email address. I hope we can include her soon. She has a big impact on kids who play Minecraft on and she will help me stay alive! :-)

I have a friend who would like to join us. Is it too late? Can she join and try to catch up? It's Mary O'Brien, AKA Serena Offcourse, AKA Mainecakes. 
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