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Hand Made Soap – The #syrinxza   Story

The Syrinx ZA Story starts over 15,000 years ago during the last Ice Age when Mother Nature began the process or creating the conditions which eventually led to the current day harvesting of the natural ingredients we use to manufacture our natural skincare products.

We’ve named our primary ingredient Zander . More about Zander later but for now let’s talk about saponification and the manufacturing process which helps to make Syrinx Za products so unique and beneficial.

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Includes List of suspected Psoriasis food triggers

Gluten and Yeast: A sensitivity to gluten or yeast could mean a gluten-free or yeast-free diet could potentially rapidly reduce Psoriasis symptoms in some.

Dairy: Dairy is commonly associated with inflammatory conditions so eliminating this food group from your diet could also reduce Psoriasis symptoms.

etc ......

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Psoriasis and Diet 

There are very few studies that show a medical link between Psoriasis and Diet but there have been vast amounts of claims from sufferers that there is. So where are these claims coming from?

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