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Hi... I'm a fun person
Hi... I'm a fun person

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I've totally forgotten about google+, unlike facebook, Google+ has no strategy to bring you back in if you've forgotten you have an account. It's kind of funny for any app/site to not have this growth hack built in. 

After liking the flow of Slack... Google docs feels so antiquated and its sharing system should be tied in with Slack. The tools should work hand in hand, but often I see messages like this:
team-mate [1:27 AM]
"oops, seems like I don't have the access to the doc"

Oops is right, Google Docs and its sharing system feels so antiquated!

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This is pretty rad... Sounds like Missile Command!
Ah a classic. Reminded myself of this whilst talking to colleagues. Visualizing #sorting #algorithms (with sound!) #ComputerScience  

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This is Lori and her falcon that is used to regulate the problem seagull population at Redondo beach

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Happy new year, old wood restoration day here!

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say "an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture"

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Featured: Autumn and Cailin's design of Dawson's Park in PDX
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How to use React, Babel, webpacks with Meteor.

Hotswap live code.
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